MRI Scan

This morning I was in line for an MRI scan. We waited so long that the folks in front of me got edgy. They said that someone was inside for hours. Some people knocked on the door asking what had been going on. The doctor came out and said, “This one isn’t done yet. I can do nothing. Everybody has to wait.” Several bulky family members of the patients stood up, “Who the hell is the idiot that’s so hard to deal with?” The doctor said, “Why don’t you go inside and chat with the patient in person?” So several folks stormed into the room only to back out seconds later. They said, “Let’s give him a few more minutes…”



早上排队做磁共振,排了很久,前面的人都不耐烦了,说有人进去做了几个小时都没出来,敲门问到底怎么回事,医生出来说现在这个没做好我也没办法,大家都要 等,几个块头大的家属站起来说哪个傻逼要那么难弄,医生说要么你们去商量一下,几个人挥舞着拳头冲进去,不一会全部都退了出来,说还是等等吧……


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