Internet Slang

直男癌 [zhí nán ái]


直男癌 [zhí nán ái]

n. “Straight man cancer”, unpleasant features of men who are chauvinistic, radical, or narrow-minded. For example, such men disregard personal hygiene, explicitly or implicitly despise women, abhor the rich, or blame others only for their own misfortunes.

[Writer] Zhou Guoping’s Weibo:

What I meant is not asking women to return to the family. The liberation of women, equal rights between men and women—I am for both. If a woman is talented and successful, I will appreciate her even more. Yet, however talented a woman is, however successful she is, if she doesn’t want to or doesn’t know how to be a gentle partner, a considerate wife, or a loving mother, then she will look significantly less attractive to me.


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