A kid was enjoying the ice cream when a man came to tell him, “Little buddy, eating ice cream in winter is not good for health. Do you know that? Do your parents allow you to do so? The kid replied, “Do you know why my grandma is 100 now? She said it’s because she’s not nosy.”

有一小孩正疼快淋離地享受手上那冰淇淋,突然有一男仕過來對他說,小朋友冬天吃冰淇淋對身體不好的,你知道嗎?父母有批准你嗎?小孩回他說,知道我家奶奶 為何能活到現在一百歳嗎?奶奶說原因是她從來不管別人閑事的。(所以別人的事以後就別問我了)