I’m in Her Dream


Du Qifeng [To Kei-Fung, or Johnnie To], my idol; Zhong Hanliang [Chung Hon-leung, or Wallace Chung], my wife’s idol. Tonight two dreams came true. I said to Director Du, All About Ah Long made me cry; he said that was made 25 or 26 years ago. I said that I loved The Mission so much that I watched it many times; the director said that was made 15 or 16 years ago; I said Running Out of Time is an extraordinary crime film that surpasses all others of its kind before and since; the director said that is history as well; I: …”An old steed in the stable still aspires to gallop a thousand li” [Chinese idiom meaning that an old hero still cherishes high aspirations], I wish you all the best! My wife told me that I must take a picture with Zhong Hanliang. Bro Liang readily accepted my request. I said: Bro Liang, you are my wife’s idol! She loves you a thousand times more than she loves me. Bro Liang gave me a pat on the shoulder and comforted me: It’s fine. I am in the dream, but you are in the present [I’m in her dream; you’re in her bed].



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