Internet Slang, Quips, Wallace Chung

蠢萌 [chǔn méng]

Wallace Chung was asked to act out the Internet slang term on the screen at the press conference for movie “Bounty Hunters”. Caption: Hmm…What will it be?…Ah!…What is that?!

蠢萌 [chǔn méng] adj. Adorkable. Both dorky/silly and adorable. This Internet slang term is used lovingly.

#Bounty Hunters Wallace Chung# #Movie Bounty Hunters# #Wallace Chung# 233333333333 【I added subtitles. [笑cry] Villains/bad luck please don’t come…】

[Note: Among the Wallace fans there is a humorous saying that if you make fun of Wallace you will have bad luck very soon. Yet, fans make fun of Wallace whenever they can anyway.]

#赏金猎人钟汉良# #电影赏金猎人# #钟汉良# 为何如此蠢萌233333333333【加字幕[笑cry]XR求别来……


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