Jokes, Wallace Chung

Confident Boyfriend


“Aren’t you afraid of your girlfriend fooling around behind your back?” “She has Wallace Chung.” “You are not physically with her over a long period of time. Aren’t you afraid that she will be bored and lonely?” “She has Wallace Chung.” “What if she is depressed but you can’t comfort her?” “She has Wallace Chung.” “What if there is the other man? What are you going to do?” “The lover is always there. He is Wallace Chung.” “Do you think she will cheat on you?” “No, she won’t. She is very busy following the news of Wallace Chung.”

“你不怕你的女朋友在外面乱来吗?”“她有钟汉良”。 “你长期不在她身边,不怕她空虚寂寞吗?”“她有钟汉良”“她心情不好 你安慰不到 怎 么办?”“她有钟汉良”“要有小三,你怎 么办?”“小三一直都在,就是钟汉良”。 “她会不会花心乱来?”“不会,她很忙,要追钟汉良。”





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