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小婊砸 [xiǎo biǎo zá]


小婊砸 [xiǎo biǎo zá] n. <Expletive> A phonetic variation of 小婊子 [xiǎo biǎo zi] “little bitch” with the Beijing accent.

The teacher in charge of our class said, “To excel in a subject is like pursuing a person. You need perseverance!” I stopped him, “Try pursuing eight people at the same time!” Teacher: “Get out of here!” I instantly understood why I belong to the academic dreg [academic underachiever]. Turns out that I am a person who is constant in love! Then I scornfully looked at the academic tyrants [academic overachievers]: You little bitches that take every class you see!”

[Note: Consider 上 as a pun because as an Internet slang term, it means “to mount.” Another translation of the last sentence: You little bitch that mounts every class you see!]

班主任说:“学好一门课就应该像追求一个人一样,要坚持!” 我打断他说:“那你同时追八个试试。” 班主任:“你出去!” 我瞬间明白我为什么我是学渣,原来我是一个专一的人啊,然后鄙视地看着学霸:见课就上的小婊砸……


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