wallace-chung-and-fan飯隨愛豆 [fàn suí ài dòu] The fans and their idols share similar qualities in terms of personality and interests.

Wallace Chung:
The simple yet not average @Jackie咧 played “A Simple Man” on this undistinguished tinkling piano on this ordinary day. The echos of the uncomplicated yet unordinary melody seemed to be a gentle reminder of some things unfinished. Perhaps in everyday life there are many everyday people at the bottom of whose hearts lies the song to be shared with friends at any given time of the day.

@金刚小朋友 (Wallace Chung’s fan):
The simple yet not average Mr. Wallace Chung posted this unpunctuated weibo on this jingling cellphone on this ordinary day, When the weibo appeared in my frenzied mind, I responded with this common yet uncommon unpunctuated comment in a flurry as if I were unable to think or calm down. Perhaps in everyday life there is plenty of yearning at the bottom of my heart which awaits the greeting of a simple man at any given moment of the day. [悲伤][悲伤][悲伤][悲伤][悲伤]