撕逼 [sī bī]

rant-01 rant-02 rant-03 rant-04

撕逼 [sī bī] v. & n. Tear up+vagina. This sexist Internet slang term originally referred to caustic quarrels between women, but now it has evolved to describe acrimonious disputes or tough competition between people or organizations.

Sharing a series of emoticons for watching ranting wars. 1. Did they start ranting? [哆啦A梦害怕] 2. Someone has started ranting?! [哆啦A梦吃惊] 3. Who is ranting? [哆啦A梦微笑] 4. They started ranting! They started ranting! [哆啦A梦汗]

[Note: In the photos, Guest Star Wallace Chung was actually talking about the nametag ripping game in reality TV show Running Man. 撕 means “to rip, to tear” in everyday conversations but “to rant, to attack” as an Internet slang term.]

分享一组围观撕逼用的表情 by @阿道大小姐


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