“I Thought I Would Take Revenge”

driving-schoolHehe I had waited so long before this day finally arrived. My dear Math teacher, I can’t believe you enrolled in our driving school. I missed you so bad!

Hahahaha I saw that the space into which you are supposed to back your car is so small; seeing you here is the most beautiful surprise. [Note: Adapted from Stefanie Sun’s “Encounter”.]

Haha I though I would take revenge… [Note: Adapted from Winnie Hsin’s “Understanding”.]

I looked on as the man I once loved so deeply felt so helpless like a child. [Note: Adapted from Winnie Hsin’s “Understanding”.]

In our remaining years, we met face to face on a narrow path, which is inevitable after all.  [Note: Adapted from Faye Wong’s “Fleeting Time”.]

The “I finally waited until you arrived” series.  [Note: Quoted from Jane Zhang’s “Finally Waited Until You Arrived”: I finally waited until you arrived; fortunately I didn’t give up.”]


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