前方高能 [qián fāng gāo néng]

前方高能 [qián fāng gāo néng] n. Highlights ahead. Originating from the Japanese ACG (anime, comic and games) culture, this Internet slang term asks the readers to pay attention to what comes next. It often precedes a spoiler alert or an interesting fact.

Example: 前方高能。看完評論后轉發。Highlights ahead. Reshare this weibo after reading the comments.

xi-jinping-and-peng-liyuan-01 xi-jinping-and-peng-liyuan-02 xi-jinping-and-peng-liyuan-03 xi-jinping-and-peng-liyuan-04

[Note: The original weibo post is published by Li Yuan Fans Club, an account managed by the fans of Peng Liyuan, President Xi Jinping’s wife. All the comments in the pictures follow the same format: Tagging one’s boyfriend/spouse.]


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