安利 [ān lì] v. As an Internet slang term, the Chinese translation of Amway means “to advertise something or someone that one adores to others, sometimes in defiance of others’ disinterest”.

#Daily Amway# #Monkey King: Hero Is Back# I’ve seen it three times!!! Please go see the king of heroes, OK!!! The work is on a par with those of Disney and 20th Century Fox!!! Look he is so handsome!!! I want to give birth to a Flowers and Fruit Mountain [of kids] for him!!!

#每日安利# #西游记之大圣归来# 我已经刷了三遍了!!!求求你们去看大圣好不好!!!作品水平一点不输迪士尼和福克斯啊!!!你们看他真的好帅啊!!!想给他生一整个花果山啊!!!