Some Thoughts

wallace-01 Just now someone sat down next to me.

I gave him a slap in the face.

How in the world can I let someone sit on my invisible wings? wallace-02Many people fool around till they are worn out and then say they will marry someone honest and innocent.

I just can’t get it.

Did we honest and innocent people dig up your ancestors’ graves in the past life? Why do we have to be punished in this way?
wallace-03 If you are willing

to peel off my heart layer by layer

you will go to jail, you know? wallace-04 I smell his perfume on you.

Fortunately it is not as expensive as mine.

Hahahahaha! wallace-05Before we break up, let me ask you one last question.

If I were a DJ, would you love me?

Would you love me?

[Note: The pictures are created by @媾琪玛糖 .]


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