Childhood Memories


princess-returning-pearl-05princess-returning-pearl-01 princess-returning-pearl-02 princess-returning-pearl-03 princess-returning-pearl-04princess-returning-pearl-00 princess-returning-pearl-06 princess-returning-pearl-07 princess-returning-pearl-08 princess-returning-pearl-09

#LunchtimeTopic# An Internet user called @吱吱为姿孜 embarked on a journey of seeking My Fair Princess a.k.a. Princess Returning Pearl: Let’s keep each other company in this mortal world; let’s live a free and unrestrained life…What a throwback [to our childhood years]~[心]

#午间话题# 一位叫@吱吱为姿孜 的网友开启了“寻找还珠格格”之旅:让我们红尘做伴,活得潇潇洒洒……满满的回忆~[心]



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