Internet Slang

我想靜靜 [wǒ xiǎng jìng jìng]


我想靜靜 [wǒ xiǎng jìng jìng] <Expression> I want some quiet time. This Internet slang term is used to when you are shocked. The expression is sometimes followed by 別問我靜靜是誰 [bié wèn wǒ jìng jìng shì shuí] Don’t ask me who Jingjing is, because an alternative interpretation of the expression is “I miss Jingjing.”

Possible origins of the Internet slang terms:

The distressed husband was drinking. The wife asked: What are you doing? The husband said: Don’t talk to me. I want some quiet time. The wife turned around and slapped him in the face, asking: Who the hell is Jingjing?

[Note: 我想靜靜 [wǒ xiǎng jìng jìng] 1) I want some quiet time; 2) I miss Jingjing. Jingjing could be a female first name.]





Girl: You obviously like me, but you don’t want to tell me that.

Guy: Enough. I want some quiet time.

Girl: Who is Jingjing?

Guy: You tell me first who Mingming is!

[Note: 明明 [míng míng] 1) Obviously 2) Mingming could be a male first name.]



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