人在做,天在看 [rén zài zuò, tiān zài kàn]

casa-bubble-01 casa-bubble-02

人在做,天在看 [rén zài zuò, tiān zài kàn]

<Expression> People are doing [things]; God is watching. This Internet slang term is a caveat that doing bad things will bring bad karma.

In a foreign country [France] there is a kind of tent called “Bubble” enabling you to have a panoramic view. Lying down in such a camp and watching the starry sky must feel awesome.

People are doing things [fxxking], God is watching. [doge]

[Note: This punchline gives the original Internet slang term a twist. As an Internet slang term, 做 [zuò] means “to have sex”.]

@bboy小Ray: 人在做,天在看[doge]



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