Why Meet Tu Youyou

artemisininAttention, student dogs—Artemisinin: Formula: C15H22O5. Molecular mass: 282.33 [g/mol]. Colorless needle-shaped crystalline matter. Bitter. Dissolves easily in acetone, ethyl acetate, chloroform, benzene, and glacial acetic acid. Soluble in ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, ether, and petroleum ether. Almost not soluble in water. Melting point: 156-157℃. Good luck with all the exams over the next 12 months. That’s all I can do for you~
[Note: “Student dogs” is a nickname for students, because they are often dog-tired…]
#2015诺奖屠呦呦#各位学狗请注意,青蒿素,分子式:C15H22O5,分子量:282.33,无色针状晶体,味苦。 在丙酮、醋酸乙酯、氯仿、苯及冰醋酸中易溶,在乙醇和甲醇、乙醚及石油醚中可溶解,在水中几乎不溶。 熔点:156-157℃。祝大家接下来一年考试顺利,只能帮你们到这了~

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