My Funny Teachers

【Talk about the funniest teacher you’ve seen in class】

After [Michael] Jackson passed away, our English teacher spared one week to show videos of his many concerts, claiming that listening to English songs is conducive to improving English listening skills, while he himself stood aside applauding and sobbing…


When I was in the ninth grade, the chemistry teacher confiscated my Ghost Blows Out the Light. The next day, with dark circles under her eyes, she came and asked me, “Are you really not afraid reading that in the evening?”


Chemistry classs…Teacher: Come here and smell it. Student: Is it OK to do so? Teacher: Yup. Student: It smells so repugnant. Teacher: Hmm, this liquid is poisonous. Don’t smell it ever again.


During the early morning self-study session [or the homeroom session], the teacher took down his toupee to comb it.


#榜姐每日话题#〖说说你们在课堂上遇到最逗比的老师 _________________〗


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