OS & 心機boy/girl [xīn jī boy/girl]


OS. n. Overlapping sound, monologue, thoughts.

心機boy/girl [xīn jī boy/girl] n. Scheming, shrewd boy/girl. This Internet slang term is used to describe a person whose behaviors are self-serving. It can be used positively to tease a friend or an idol or negatively to criticize someone.

#Wallace Chung# #Wallace Chung Sing for Life# The monologue of a scheming boy like the boss: Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Logoless wallpapers of all sizes (Photo by Wu Renjun), actually I wonder if the scarf has only one arrow.

#钟汉良# #钟汉良乐作人生# 老板这个心机boy os:看我看我看我!


wallace-chung-2015-album-01 wallace-chung-2015-album-02


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