【A man stayed in a hotel only to discover 10 thousand RMB under the pillow. He complained furiously: They must haven’t changed the pillow cover!】On [March] 27th, Mr. Lu was surprised to discover a stack of nearly 10 thousand RMB under the pillow before checking out of a hotel in Chongqing. He swiftly called the police, which was lauded by both the hotel and the police. Yet, Mr. Lu was upset, “This proves that the comforter cover and the pillow cover must haven’t been changed.” When he realized they were used by a stranger, he felt super pissed off.”

【男子住酒店#枕头底惊现万元现金# 怒投诉:肯定没换枕套!】27日,陆先生在重庆一酒店退房前,竟从枕头底发现一沓近万元的钞票,他连忙报警,受到酒店方和民警表扬。但陆先生却很不爽:“这证明酒店的被套枕套肯定没换过。”想到被子是陌生人用过的,就很郁闷。