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節操掉了一地 [jié cāo diào le yí dì]

Lu Han

節操掉了一地 [jié cāo diào le yí dì] Expression. Integrity is scattered all over the floor. This Internet slang term often describes people who do unconventional things that are not necessarily unethical. Considered reckless, silly or even brash by the outsiders, those “out-of-place” acts are usually done out of passion, such as what fans would do for idols or what an infatuated person would do for his or her crush.

A junior high school student fan of Lu Han’s wrote an essay about marrying the idol in 10 years. Recently an essay titled “Me in 10 Years” written by a middle school student fan of Lu Han’s @M鹿M has been circulated on the Internet. The little author imagines herself meeting, befriending, and falling in love with Lu Han in 10 years. They have a harmonious relationship and marry following her pregnancy. The essay ends with the whole family of three strolling by the sea…The Mary Sue plot is hilarious [哈哈]

The author wrote that she and Lu Han will meet through work.
The teacher commented: Your imagination is truly wonderful.
Their daughter’s name is Lu Xiaonan.

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