Click on the pic to watch the video.
Click on the pic to watch the video.

迷妹 [mí mèi] n. Fan+sister. Female fanatics. Fervent female fans.

迷弟 [mí dì] n. Fan+brother. Male fanatics. Fervent male fans.

Papi Chan: How can you be a fan without money? Why should people make money after all? Anyway for people like us, making money is for following an idol! Hope all female fanatics get rich!!! Ps. I use my own money to follow my idol. Did I touch your bankbook? pps. Love bean=Idol

[Note: Papi Chan is a Chinese Internet celebrity making funny video clips. She currently has 9 million followers on Sina Weibo.]

papi酱——没有钱怎么追星嘛!人到底为什么要赚钱?反正对我们这些人来说,赚钱,是为了追星啊!愿所有迷妹发财!!!ps。花自己的钱,追自己的星,动你家存折了?🙄️pps。爱豆-idol-偶像。(各位周一&一周愉快啦~L秒拍视频 .