How long ago did I stop taking meds?
How long ago did I stop taking meds?

Big Data: #Nearly 40% Chinese Men Are Affected by Straight Man Cancer#, Can’t Read Young Women’s Minds

Straight Man Cancer” originated from the web. It is used by Internet users to poke fun at narcissistic, self-indulgent, and slightly chauvinist heterosexual men. A fun quiz employing big data technologies showed that among the over 20, 000 male users, 57.1% belong to the ” heartwarming men ” club, the largest group in the test result, while 38.2% are of the “straight man cancer ” gang.  (New Express Daily)

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【大数据:中国#直男癌近四成# 不解少女心思】“直男癌”一词源于网络,是网友对那些自恋、自以为是、略带大男子主义倾向,性取向为女性的男生的一种调侃。一项大数据趣味测试显示,在参与测试的2万多男性用户中,暖男群体占57.1%,位列第一,“直男癌”占比38.2%。(新快报)