Peace of Mind

wallace-chung-march-2016-weiboEven if I am in another country of the world, even if I am in the embrace of Mother Nature, I still feel small in the face of whirling snow. The walking distance is limited, and even the trams are temporarily out of service, but I achieve an exceptionally tranquil mind. I can only hear myself breathing in the air and the snow shovels crisply scraping against the frozen ground. When I turn back, I see the newly forged trail extending from the door to the curb. In addition to the joy of making a first step, I feel the euphoria of an instant relief. Nevertheless, the grass, roads, cars, houses, and even the hills afar off are still overlayed with an expanse of overnight snow. I suppose only the Sun can bring a bright, clear sky and slowly melt away the snow. The laws that govern the universe should rest in the hands of nature. Peace of mind. @钟汉良W良家族


[Note: Just a translation of the latest weibo post by one of my favorite stars, Wallace Chung!]


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