Jokes, Wallace Chung

Take It Down

@追忆花落: The messer became the messee. [doge] I saw this several times. He discovered the neon signs when singing “mourned through the time difference”. Teased, he couldn’t hold the smile so he strode away. He continued singing and started thinking. By the line “Drenched, drowning, and struggling” he came up with an idea, which was evident in that triumphant look. He strolled back to the other side of the stage and told her to “Take it down [let it go]”! The fan did take down the sign but he forgot the lyrics. [笑cry]

@钟爱一生MK1130:I remember why he smiled here. A girl in Zone B was holding a neon sign that says “Marry me in the next life” and the cute little Wallace firmly responded by singing “Take it down [let it go]” to her face. Guess how traumatized she was. [眼泪] [眼泪] [紧张] [眼泪] [笑cry]#钟汉良##钟汉良220上海演唱会# 秒拍视频

“Take It Down” Video


@钟爱一生MK1130:记得这里为什么会笑,B区一妹子举了个灯牌“下辈子娶我”,可爱的小哇对着妹子狠狠唱“放下”,求妹子心里阴影面积 [眼泪] [眼泪] [紧张] [眼泪] [笑cry]#钟汉良#

Picture Source: @钟汉良W良家族Video Source: @青鸟的窝窝Weibo Source:

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