tfboys-02The TFboys fans drew pictures with their GPS routes and walked a marathon for their idols. I was thinking that nowadays, if you are not skilled, say, knowing how to retouch pictures, edit videos, compile jokes, or be creative in any other way, you will be too embarrassed to say you are a fan! But I didn’t see this coming—ever since I saw their crazy walking routes, I have discovered: You will be too embarrassed to be a fan if you don’t have physical stamina!

tfboys-fan-walk-05 tfboys-fan-walk-04 tfboys-fan-walk-03 tfboys-fan-walk-02 tfboys-fan-walk-01

@八卦星扒客: TFboys粉丝用GPS轨迹作画,为偶像走完一个马拉松…本来以为啊这年头,你没点技术:不会p图修图、剪视频、串段子,没点创意,是绝对不好意思说自己是粉丝的!万万没想到!自从看了他们的暴走轨迹后发现,你没点体力都不好意思追星!