Bizarre Personal Ad

【A Man claimed to be the son of a bureau director, requiring the future wife to be able to give birth to boys in a personal ad】Recently a perosnal ad in the personal ad corner of the Wuhan Liberation Park receives a lot of attention. In the “Requirements for Spouse” section the ad creator Mr. Hu requires the future wife to be “able to give birth to son(s)”, and at the end of the ad, Mr. Hu added that “My dad is a bureau director”. Several city residents found the ad to be very bizarre. No lady has been willing to date that gentleman so far. What do you think?

personal-ad-translation personal-ad


【男子自称局长儿子 征婚要求女方能生男孩】近日,武汉解放公园征婚角的一条征婚启事引人注意,在启事择偶要求一栏,征婚者胡先生要求女方“能生男孩”。并且,在启事的最后,胡先生还说明“本人爸爸是局长”。多位市民表示很奇葩,目前还没有女士愿意跟该男子相亲。你怎么看?O奇葩男征婚要求女方能生男孩 称爸爸是局长


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