Fireball FAQs

Q: How do I turn down a girl’s love confession?  Wang Nuonuo: Sorry, I am a good person.


How do you refute the argument “You are single; that means you are not good enough”? Chen Shu: Quite the contrary, my being single means you guys are not good enough.


How does it feel to have no girlfriend? Alvin: It feels like being an unrecognized talent.

joke-04Q: My girlfriend always thinks that other girls’ boyfriends are better than I am. What should I do? Li Yuqian: Become someone else’s boyfriend.


Q: How do you look at arranged dates? Yuanwei Juexing: The only value of arranged dates is that as soon as you see the date you will discover what kind of person you are in the eyes of the matchmaker.


Q: What does it feel like to have a boyfriend? Anonymous: You will become too weak to open a bottle of water.





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