洪荒之力 [hóng huāng zhī lì] n. Primeval power. Catastrophically strong physical strength. This Internet slang term came into popularity because of the 2015 TV drama The Journey of Flower in which the character Hua Qiangu aka Demon God has the preternatural, catastrophic power. Currently the meme is used to describe one’s physical strength or one’s urge to do something.


  1. 發動洪荒之力 [fā dǒng hóng huāng zhī lǐ] “To harness the premival strength.”
  2. 抵擋不住體內的洪荒之力 [dǐ dǎng bú zhù tǐ nèi de hóng huāng zhī lì] “[I] can’t resist the primeval power in my body.”