Internet Slang

套路 [tào lù]

套路 [tào lù] n. Trap+path. Originally the word means “routine,” “sequence,” “pattern,” “artifice,” “stratagem,” and “style.” As a new Internet meme, however, it also means “cliche,” “trap,” and “machination.” It is used to express one’s boredom with cliches or speaking patterns. It also helps express distraught after falling into someone’s trap.


  1. 我走過最遠的路,是你的套路 [wǒ zǒu guò zuì yuǎn de lù, shì nǐ de tào lù] The longest path I have ever taken, is the path to your trap.
  2. 少一點套路,多一點真誠 [shǎo yì diǎn tào lù, duō yì diǎn zhēn chéng] Fewer schemes and more sincerity please.

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