If you want to be pretty, reading books will definitely be more effective than wearing makup or getting plastic surgeries. I have met many women who are not very pretty but are knolwdgeable, experienced, and self-possessed. As they age, they don’t lose charms but instead they become more attractive, and even their appearance turns out to be more becoming. This is the so-called “Appearnce comes from the heart. [Chinese idiom meaning your outward appearance is influenced by your inner world].” The only thing is that in this impetuous era, reading books requires that you quiet the mind and invest more time.

Someone asked me, If you are sad, what kind of woman do you wish to have by your side? I pictured that she would probably be sitting there quietly, making a cup of hot tea, or giving me a hug. That would be enough. There is no need for questions because that would just hurt you one more time. I guess, the woman who can do this must love reading so that she can be so considerate.




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