Jokes, Wallace Chung

“Late bloomer”? Young and promising!!!


During a road show of “Three” in Dongguan, Wallace spoke with a fan who had watched “Three” five times.

Wallace: [gasped]: Aren’t your eyes sore?

Fan: No.

W: Isn’t your heart tired [playing around the Chinese internet slang term “My heart is so tired, I feel I can’t fall in love anymore”]?

Fan: No.

Wallace: Why aren’t you tired?

Fan: Because you were in the movie.

Wallace: [laughing] I knew it…Is there anything you really want to share after watching it five times?

Fan: Eh…first, [let’s] welcome…[Wallace craned his neck with curiosity] the young and promising “Movie King”…

Wallace immediately doubled over with laughter. The audience cheered and applauded.

Wallace: OK…say that again…they didn’t hear you clearly. [walked to her] I will give you two mics.


More applause. Wallace danced.

Wallace: [pointing at the fan] Did you guys hear that clearly? [The audience said: No!] You guys didn’t hear that clearly, so let’s ask her to say that again. [laughed] Say that again.


Wallace danced again and the audience called out Wallace’s name with the fan.

Wallace: Did you hear that clearly? Not “late bloomer” [The audience laughed]! But “young and promising”!

The audienced cheered. Wallace laughed and walked aside.

Wallace: That’s it? Do you have things to say about “Three”…

Then the fan shared her thoughts on the documentary about the making of “Three.” She said the teamwork and dedication to excellence moved her. Wallace thanked her on behalf of the “Three” team.


June 18, 2016 is bound to be an unforgettable day for Wallace and his fans. He attended the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) and won the first award in his filmmaking career—”The Male Lead That Grabs the Most Attention in the Media.” The award was given by China Movie Channel’s Media Focus Unit.
movie-king-02 movie-king-01



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