Wallace Chung’s Father



Seeing Shuishui [a Wallace fan] had bought so many [Wallace] albums, I recalled a little story from the past. My little sister was working at KPS [Video Express, a Hong Kong-based multimedia store which sold and rented videos, CDs and movies], there was an uncle [a polite way of addressing an older male to show respect] who often went to her store to buy Wallace’s albums. One time, my sister asked him out of curiosity why he bought so many albums every time Wallace dropped a new album. She asked if that uncle was Wallace’s fan. The uncle said no. Then my sister questioned, “If you are not a fan, why do you buy so many of his albums?” The uncle answered my sister, “Because Wallace Chung is my son. I want to support him with my action, haha!”

Source: Weibo

[Note: This annecdote is incredibly touching. Wallace’s father originally objected to Wallace’s career goal of being a dancer, but the power of love as well as Wallace’s hard work transcend all the disagreements…]

Wallace Chung’s parents attended his fan meet in Hangzhou on June 8, 2014.  

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