Internet Slang

你的良心不會痛嗎 [nǐ de liáng xīn bú huì tòng ma]

你的良心不會痛嗎 [nǐ de liáng xīn bú huì tòng ma] <Expression> Doesn’t your conscience feel pain? This expression originated from an Internet joke about the bromance between Tang poets Du Fu and Li Bai. The joke claims that Du Fu wrote 12 poems for or about Li Bai, but Li Bai reciprocated with only one poem. The joke writer felt sorry for the “mistreated” Du Fu and questioned Li Bai if he felt guilty for his “cruelty” with the aforementioned expression. Regardless of its original interrogative tone, this expression is now used humorously to tease someone. For example, Internet celebrity Papi Jiang quipped that her conscience felt absolutely pain while she released a video to celebrate her husband’s birthday, even though the loving details shared about her husband might have caused single people to feel sorry for themselves.


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