He Codes with Ears

【He is a blind programmer: He memorized over a million characters and codes with his ears [good]】Is it possible to code when one is visually impaired? Blind programmers don’t need to turn on the computer to work. They complete job tasks by using a keyboard and the earphones. Cai Yongbin is a blind programmer responsible for reforming Internet products to suit the needs of visually impaired users. He memorized programming characters to code. He once memorized over 300 lines of code when he learned programming. #Blind programmers code with ears# (Click here to watch the video.)

The most interesting part about the video is that Cai Yongbin works with the Information Accessibility Research Association in Shenzhen to make popular apps like Tmall, Taobao, and DingTalk more accessible for the visually impaired. He said programmers like him are able to spot the errors that programmers with normal vision may be oblivious of.

【他是盲人程序员:背百万字符用耳朵编程[good]】眼睛看不见也能编程吗?盲人程序员的电脑屏幕是不用打开的,靠键盘和耳机完成工作。蔡勇斌是一名盲人程序员,负责对互联网产品进行适用于视觉障碍者的改造,他靠“背”代码来编程,最多的时候背过300多行代码。#盲人程序员用耳朵编程# L老板联播的秒拍视频

Source: Weibo


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