Cai Yujing’s Boston University Commencement Speech

【2017, This Nanjing girl’s commencement speech amazed the United States [赞]】This is the student commencement speech given by the Chinese lady Cai Yujing at Boston University in 2017. Her opinions are unique and insightful. She advocates for lifelong learning and cultural diversity. She also loves her hometown.

Watch the video!

【2017年,这个南京姑娘的毕业演讲惊艳了美国[赞]】这是中国姑娘蔡语婧今年在波士顿大学的毕业演讲。她的见解独特而深刻,她倡导终生学习和拥抱多元文化,她也爱她的家乡。O网页链接 @TED君学演讲 ​​​​

Not sure if her speech really amazed the U.S. but I do like her opinions!

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