Macron Explains Family Diversity

French president Macron explains to children why he and his wife chose not to have children and how families come in various forms. [思考]

Kid: Don’t you want to become a real father?

Macron:  This is my personal choice. Because my wife Brigitte has already had three children. One of them was already an adult when we met. One was a little younger. The third one was about your age when we first met. Then, we asked ourselves about this issue. I think the important thing is to raise them, care about them. I also have seven grandchildren!

Kid: Wow! Seven!

Macron: Nowadays there are many types of families. There are divorced families, blended families…Are any of your parents divorced? [Kids raised hands.] Do you have half siblings? [Kids raised hands.] So we talk about the diversity of families. Not everyone has the same kind of family and lives the same kind of life. Do you have parents who are of the same sex? [Kids responded differently.] Yes, now we have families where the parents are of the same sex. You can marry someone of the same sex as yours. There are many different kinds of families. as long as they are built upon the ideals about love and the ideals about life. We chose not to give birth to our own children. Objectively speaking, perhaps this choice is a little selfish–that’s what I think–so I don’t want to have my own children, and I like Brigitte’s children and grandchildren. I treat them as my own children and grandchildren.

Watch the video!

法国总统马克龙给小朋友们解释为什么他和妻子不生孩子,以及家庭形态其实可以有很多种[思考] ​​​​L秒拍视频

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