This blog translates Chinese netspeak and Internet humor. The source is Sina Weibo, a major Chinese social media website sometimes dubbed “the Chinese version of Twitter”.

Chinese Internet slang is closely connected with Chinese Internet humor. My goal is to compile a Chinese-English dictionary of Chinese Internet slang. I define a Chinese Internet slang term as an enduring Chinese slang term that is widely circulated among Chinese Internet users and later often makes its way into everyday conversations offline.

When a post includes an Internet slang term, I use the Chinese character(s) and Pinyin (with tone marks) of the slang term as the post title. In the post, I explain the slang term in English and sometimes illustrate its usage(s) with a joke, quip, picture, or video.

This blog is very smiliar with my Sina Weibo account @哈哈鍾國. Besides translating others’ work, I sometimes post my thoughts and graphic designs on Sina Weibo.


My other blog, “In My Melody,” translates Chinese pop music into English.