Internet Slang

小仙女 [xiǎo xiān nǚ] & 小姐姐 [xiǎo jiě jie]

小仙女 [xiǎo xiān nǚ] n. Little+nymph. 小姐姐 [xiǎo jiě jiě] n. Little+older sister. Both Internet slang terms are used to address or describe girls and young women. These two newly-coined terms have probably rendered 美眉/MM [měi méi] “pretty girl” obsolete…[允悲] ​​​​

But personally I think “little nymph” is still a gendered term as by the Chinese people’s standards, nymphs are ageless and slender.

Internet Slang

黑人問號 [hēi rén wèn hào]

黑人問號 [hēi rén wèn hào] n. Black person+question marks. This Internet slang term derives from pictures of Nicholas Aaron “Nick” Young, an NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers, with question marks added. This meme is used when you are perplexed, shocked, or speechless. ​​​​