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這盛世如你所願 [zhè shèng shì rú nǐ suǒ yuàn]

這盛世如你所願 [zhè shèng shì rú nǐ suǒ yuàn] <Expression> This golden age, as you wished for. This expression is often used sarcastically to express discontent with government misconduct.

Internet Slang

母胎SOLO [mǔ tāi SOLO]

Listen…the wailing of dogs. [Note: This is adapted from A-mei’s song “Listen to the Sea.”]
母胎SOLO [mǔ tāi SOLO] adj. Womb+Solo [performance]. (Of a person) single since birth. Derived from the Korean phrase “모태솔로”, this Internet slang term pokes fun at people who have never been in a relationship so that their lives are like solo performances. It is the latest alternative of 單身狗 [dān shēn gǒu] “single dog.”

Ah! How lonely it is to be solo! [Note: This is adapted from “how lonely it is to be invincible”, a line from the song “Invincible”, from the 2016 movie “The Mermaid.”
Internet Slang

熊本熊 [xióng běn xióng]

熊本熊 [xióng běn xióng] n. Kumamon, a mascot created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan in 2010 for a campaign to draw tourists to the region. A number of emojis have been circulated on China’s Internet based on the image of Kumamon.

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