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Love from 1,700 Years Ago

A gesture of love…from 1,700 years ago [心][心]

[Note: Angie Chiu played Bai Suzhen in New Legend of Madame White Snake (1992-1993).]

来自1700年前的…….比心💞💞 ​​​​

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Morning, Wallace Chung

#钟汉良乐作人生巡回演唱会# [心]#钟汉良视觉艺术展#   A little flirting a day keeps the doctor away[舔屏]! Morning[太阳]@钟汉良 ​
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Wallace Chung’s Crazy “Wives”

#钟汉良乐作人生巡回演唱会# [心] #钟汉良幸福的理由# [心]

How can she be so many people’s sister-in-law?

Yes, she can! Who said yes? [污]

OK, she can tonight! …………

We were playing; you were smiling!

Sickeningly sweet! Cheesily sweet! [So sweet] #钟汉良# @钟汉良 ​​​


#钟汉良乐作人生巡回演唱会# [心]
#钟汉良幸福的理由# [心]
#钟汉良# @钟汉良 ​​​
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Wallace Chung’s 8/29 Weibo

Put my mind to one thing, learned musical skills, engaging myself in every detail, looking forward to exquisite outcomes. Then, when I watched the edited segments, I got ideas that are more concrete, which generated more creativity: How can we create a new language in an established paradigm? Not sure if [we] can make it, but [we] want to give it a try because [we are] young. So, regarding the concert that ended on the 26th, the wishes for the Qixi Festival, the more changes at the Exhibition, and tomorrow, [it is more appropriate to say that] I belong more to the future [future-oriented]. Move forward step by step. [Let’s] keep going. @花花草草传媒 @陈向熙Nora @古斌samuel @钟汉良W良家族


Wallace is very serious about his works and his life. So inspiring! It must be great to work with him. Keep it up!



Song Joong-ki’s Message to Lee Kwang-soo

Song Joong-ki:
Now I am a man with a family.
It would be great if you [Lee Kwang-soo] can control the frequency of calling me.
You’ve got to be cleverer and more discerning in life.
You didn’t do anything wrong,
but you haven’t done well enough.
You will understand…
Thank you very much,
but please train yourself to be cleverer and more discerning.


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犀利 [xī lì] and 犀利哥 [xī lì gē]

犀利 [xī lì] adj. Incisive. This Internet slang term is often used to describe a piercing glance, a sharp-witted person, or an accurate and cutting remark.

犀利哥 [xī lì gē] n. Brother Incisive. A homeless man called Cheng Guorong who was dubbed “Brother Incisive” on China’s Internet in 2010 for his piercing gaze and outlandish outfits.

Cheng Guorong