阿姨粉 [ā yí fěn] and 親媽粉 [qīn mā fěn]

阿姨粉 [ā yí fěn] n. Auntie fans. This Internet slang term refers to female fans who are much older than their male idol. They tend to look at the idol as a cute little nephew.

親媽粉 [qīn mā fěn] n. Birth mother fans. This Internet slang term refers to female fans who are significantly older than their male idol or who are concerned about their idol’s well-being as if they were his mom.

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Na Ying and Faye Wong

Faye Wong told Na Ying: You didn’t look at me…(with pictorial evidence) Well Faye Wong treated Na Ying the same way years ago [哈哈]

【Faye Wong chastised Na Ying: You didn’t look at me】 #2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala# Faye Wong and Na Ying stepped down the stage together after singing “Years.” Wang chastised gently: You didn’t look at me.[委屈] Na Ying replied: I forgot. [哈哈][哈哈]



Ageless Stars

Recap #Spring Festival# Here are Faye Wong born in 1969, Sun Tao born in 1968, and Terry Lin born in 1966. Take a look at them. Wishing everyone eternal youth!

回看#春晚# 这是69年的王菲,68年的孙涛,66年的林志炫,你们自己感受下。祝大家青春永驻[捂脸] ​​​​

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He Jiong-Like Statue

#Community responded about the Nezha statue resembling He Jiong# A net user shared street art pics of a statue looking like He Jiong. The community staff claimed “it is absolutely a coincidence. We didn’t see this coming.”  He Jiong: This! The sculptor’s inspiration was?


#街区回应何炅哪吒版雕像 ​​​​#有网友晒出街头偶遇的一座雕像照像极了饰演哪吒的何炅,街区工作人员表示“完全是场意外,我们自己都没有想到” ​​​​

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