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Morning, Wallace Chung

#钟汉良乐作人生巡回演唱会# [心]#钟汉良视觉艺术展#   A little flirting a day keeps the doctor away[舔屏]! Morning[太阳]@钟汉良 ​
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Wallace Chung’s Crazy “Wives”

#钟汉良乐作人生巡回演唱会# [心] #钟汉良幸福的理由# [心]

How can she be so many people’s sister-in-law?

Yes, she can! Who said yes? [污]

OK, she can tonight! …………

We were playing; you were smiling!

Sickeningly sweet! Cheesily sweet! [So sweet] #钟汉良# @钟汉良 ​​​


#钟汉良乐作人生巡回演唱会# [心]
#钟汉良幸福的理由# [心]
#钟汉良# @钟汉良 ​​​
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Why People Hate Vegetarians and Vegans

【Why do some people loathe your plant-based diet?】Hear Master Xuecheng out: “Having a plant-based diet is not the ultimate goal of practicing [Buddism or Taoism], but a way of developing compassion. Actually most of your friends and family members do not loathe your plant-based diet as such, but they loathe your arrogance and stubbornness of assuming that you occupy the moral high ground.”

[Note: It is pretty humorous that this weibo was originally posted by an account that promotes a plant-based diet. I was once prejudiced against vegetarians and vegans, so I know too well that labeling omnivorous people as heartless hypocrites cruel to animals is not very effective. People hate to be criticized. They will fight back and call vegetarians and vegans snots and weirdos. It is better to avoid name-calling. Instead, focus on making vegan and vegetarian foods more accessible and affordable, promoting a balanced and rewarding plant-based diet, and influencing people through creative artwork about nature and compassion.

@素食营养叔  [Uncle Plant-Based Diet Nutrition]

【为什么会有人反感你吃素?】来听听学诚法师的观点:“吃素不是修行的最终目的,而是培养慈悲心的一种方法。其实大部分亲友所反感的并不是素食本身,而是素食者自以为占据道德制高点的傲慢和偏执。” ​​​​


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Chinese Teachers Don’t Get It

First she trained her student to be her husband, then she trained her husband to be the president of the country. What a successful educator! But when I was a student, the beautiful teacher in charge of my class only freaking knew about meeting with my parents and making me stand still as a punishment. She messed up the cultivation of the president of our country.


Programmer’s SOS Signal

【A programmer kidnapped by a multi-level marketing company sought help with code. His colleagues got the drift instantly and replied him with a code segment including a “6” [meaning 110—the telephone number to call the police—in the binary system]】A young programmer called Little Zhang (alias) works at a big software company in Nanjing. He never expected that while being controlled by a multi-level marketing company and on the verge of despair his cry for help through a fabricated code segment was instantly understood by his coder colleagues. They rused to Tianjin and assisted the cops to successfully get him back.

【程序员掉进传销组织用代码“呼救” 同事秒懂回个6】南京一家大型软件企业的年轻程序员小张(化名)万万没有想到,当他被传销组织控制、几近绝望之时,自己尝试利用计算机“代码”向同事传递求救信息,他的程序员同事们竟然“秒懂”,并赴天津协助警方,将他成功解救出来。​​​​

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