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Good-Tempered People

People with a big face are usually good-tempered, After all it is a bit exhausting for them to flip the face [to suddenly turn hostile]. ​​​​


Douban Movie Review on “Get Out”

Short review of “Get Out”:

[The female lead’s] father would vote for Obama if he ran for the third time. Perhaps Obama had also gone through the surgery at their house. ​​​​

Na Ying and Faye Wong

Faye Wong told Na Ying: You didn’t look at me…(with pictorial evidence) Well Faye Wong treated Na Ying the same way years ago [哈哈]

【Faye Wong chastised Na Ying: You didn’t look at me】 #2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala# Faye Wong and Na Ying stepped down the stage together after singing “Years.” Wang chastised gently: You didn’t look at me.[委屈] Na Ying replied: I forgot. [哈哈][哈哈]


Thank Goodness I Learned That Now

My daughter was sulking.

I: Hey you, you’ve got to learn to manage your emotions. Putting on a face of “who is coming to coax and humor me” is only going to make you annoying to others. But you are lucky for learning that postulate from me now. I figured that out myself after a long time. Many people don’t have emotional management skills all their lives.

Daughter: Thank Goodness I learned that now…