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刮鍋底笑 [guā guō dǐ xiào]

刮鍋底笑 [guā guō dǐ xiào] n. Scratch or brush the bottom of a wok+laugh. [Wallace Chung’s] chortle that sounds like the sound of scratching the bottom of a wok. This Internet slang term is used lovingly by the fans to describe Wallace Chung’s famous guffaw.


Translations of Wallace Chung’s Weibo Posts 2014


Chocolate + Tangyuan = Best Time @Wallace Chung W Liang Family @Milkyway Hairun Artists Limited


There is a saying that when digital photography conquers the world and the number of dark rooms decreases, everyone will hold a large-screen phone while they eat, drink, and make merry as they please. The 35 mm single-lens reflex camera will be set aside in a forgotten corner.  This year I gave myself the homework of revisiting a past passion. In this beautiful scenic spot I was not bowing my head and playing with the phone. I kept my head up and admired the picturesque scenery in the distance. It didn’t matter whether I clicked the shutter or not. The beautiful moment was fleeting. This was a memento of my youth. Exactly 20 years. Eating Zongzi on Children’s Day and for the Zongzi Festival [Dragon Boat Festival] in advance. @Wallace Chung W Liang Family

[It was] hot. [It] rained. [It was] noisy. [We] panicked. Sometimes fortune favored us a bit more, and sometimes we were a little calmer. For countless times I lost control and screamed your name. Hurry hurry hurry, run run run, thank goodness I have this little sister. If I forgot to stay suave, if I shouted and screamed like crazy, and if my sister acted more like a brother than I did, please believe your eyes! This person has nothing to do with me. He is a crazy little hiker Wa!

[Note: Wallace humorously referred to himself as “Xiao Wa’er” to emphasize his childlike behavior on The Amazing Race China.]


Translations of Wallace Chung’s Weibo Posts 2016

Sing for Life is a storybook I wrote to myself and to be read only in the future. Follow the path laid out by life and explore, seek the pursue the breeze and sunshine in Impressionistic paintings…No matter what you must hold on to the failth that “I myself, aims to make my encounter with the future self wonderful.” These words will appear on the cover. If you rip open the packaging, you won’t be able to save them, so I’m writing them down here. (web link) Happy New Year @Wallace Chung W Liang Family

Even if I am in another country of the world, even if I am in the embrace of Mother Nature, I still feel small in the face of whirling snow. The walking distance is limited, and even the trams are temporarily out of service, but I achieve an exceptionally tranquil mind. I can only hear myself breathing in the air and the snow shovels crisply scraping against the frozen ground. When I turn back, I see the newly forged trail extending from the door to the curb. In addition to the joy of making a first step, I feel the euphoria of an instant relief. Nevertheless, the grass, roads, cars, houses, and even the hills afar are still overlaid with an expanse of overnight snow. I suppose only the Sun can bring a bright, clear sky and slowly melt away the snow. The laws that govern the universe should rest in the hands of nature. Peace of mind.

Roar! @ Wallace Chung W Liang Family

Note: Wallace captioned these two images with “Roar!” I think that imposing posture suggests a few things: He posted the pictures before the press conferences of the aforementioned new films and his participation in the Top Chinese Music Awards and the Beijing International Film Festival, so he was indicating that he was ready for the public appearances. Also, the white particles resemble snow, which connects this new weibo with his previous weibo of shoveling snow. Last but not least, he might be promoting, though very very subtly, his upcoming movie “Bounty Hunters” as well as his new song “Hunters” which was included in the 2016 album Sing For Life, because the song started with this verse:
When the King of the Animals seizes the chance to zero in on the game,
[it] teases you for fun but then swiftly rushes out to attack.
Seen through the glass wall, it looks just like a kitty.
Albeit less dangerous, the lion still looks nobel and gorgeous.

So, I think Wallace was acting as a lion here in this weibo.


Note: Q means cute here.

It had been a while since I joined a [production] team to make TV series as I filled the time slots with the Sing For Life album and the concert tour. Recently I have been an early riser. As soon as I get on the van, I am greeted by exuberant flowers before starting a day’s work. My sense of happiness soars thanks to the plants [literally “flowers and grass”, which Wallace Chung translated as “Cornucopia” to be his company’s name]. [I would] randomly turn on some music I like and enjoy those five minutes before a busy work day. This driver big brother [adding “big brother” to one’s name is a way to show respect] is a dab. He is nimble-fingered, scrupulous, reads often…,he can go along the roads and trails to search for plants and flowers in the wilderness, both the special ones and the ordinary ones. He arranges the flowers and grass intuitively. [The whole process] looks just like art! Touched [by the artwork], we will make small talk about the plants [he got] for the day. Before we know it, it’s time to start working. I slide the van door open only to see that the muddy path has been covered with thick hay so that I don’t have to step into the mud. Actually, every job position requires not only specialized skills but also attention to detail. With a little more focus, [we will] be able to touch others’ hearts; with a little more open-mindedness, energy will quietly come together. A “dab” does things with a clear conscience. Peace of mind is [his or her] home. @Wallace Chung W Liang Family

Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Those are my takeaway from the film “Three.” When I was on the set, I often saw Director To acting like a vagabond doing his favorite thing, bold and unbridled. His world goes beyond considerations of good and evil and lends itself more to the portrayal of reality. Since part of the reality is humanity, any thought that is supposed to cross a character’s mind he wouldn’t shun. Hence, “classic” means to Director To making the films that he wants to make and letting time form the tribunal. “Three” will definitely become Director To’s new classic. “Where there are three men walking together, one of them is bound to be able to teach me something.” We will prove that.

Please pay attention to my movie “Tik Tok” #Wallace Chung Tik Tok# It will open on July 15!

To sing one more song or say a few more words? #Wallace Chung Sing For Life Concert Tour#

Feeling Pumped (web link)

Sing for Life (web link)

A story set in darkness, regarding the sunshine. #Movie “Mountain Cry” @Movie “Mountain Cry” @Director Yang Zi @Hai Run Movies

#Wallace Chung# Beijing Live, iQiyi Exclusive Live Show VIP members who are belong to the Liang Family #Wallace Chung Sing For Life Concert Tour# Sing you in a bit! (web link) @Wallace Chung W Liang Family @iQiyi LIVE SHOW

Among light, shadows, and I is a presentation of the skills passed down from generation to generation in this simple town. They dry the nets for fishing; they set out on a a voyage and then come home. No exhaustion is seen in the good-natured smile. Tying the knots skillfully, the fisherman and the ocean live in symbiosis. When the wind rises, they sail towards the sea. When it rains, they fight with all their might. They venture to explore the known and the unknown, hence validating all the sweat shed in the glaring sun. What is kept in the heart is perhaps the gratitude for God’s company throughout the years. Blooming flowers along the way, thanks to all of you!

Here I come @Wallace Chung W Liang Family (web link)

Came to Beijing. Sunny and breezy. A lonesome flower. @The Official Weibo of General and I

Translations of Wallace Chung’s Weibo Posts 2018


At this moment, we know each other and stay together. Thank you to the Liang Min who stepped into the new year with me on CCTV. Wishing the Liang family will continue to be kind and love one another, and have a happy year ahead. Be safe and sound. Have peace of mind.

wallace-jan-17-2018Longing to see you; seeing you; see you later @微博之夜

Note: Wallace Chung received the 2017 Weibo Yearly Male God award at the Sina Weibo Awards Ceremony on Jan. 18, 2018.


The Year of Dog is around the corner. [As I] looked back at [my] growth in the past year, [I felt] the HON visual art show that MoCA Shanghai and I hosted to celebrate the historic moment of the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return [to China] was the best and proudest thing in my opinion. Leave comments about your memories and what moved you. We will press “China Like” for you. Let’s reflect on the beautiful moments of the past year. In 2018, we will forge ahead hand in hand.

The Year of Dog Wang Wang Wang! I am on CCTV #Spring Festival Gala# #tag Spring Festival Gala# Live streaming now, I am waiting for you here→ Link.

Note: “Wang wang wang” means “Woof woof woof” and “prosper, prosper, and prosper.”


Waiting for someone? Waiting makes one excited. All dressed up, looking forward to the person one wants to meet with. A mug of coffee is steaming on the table. Quietly rehearsing how one intends to express himself. Waiting for the waiting moment he wants. 30 minutes pass by. Suffering every passing second. He gradually forgets what he wants to say to you. Disappointed, disheartened, discouraged, losing self-confidence, losing himself. Outside the window, it starts raining. Standing under the awning, wiping off the water on the clothes, the person gazes off into the distance and mumbles to himself. Everyone has the waiting moment that belongs to them. You are waiting for him He is waiting for someone. Someone is waiting for an opportunity that might be missed. Every moment. Everywhere. I don’t pay attention to the time. I keep recalling. Rehearsing over and over in my mind. Waiting for someone that understands you. It clears up. I walk out the door. I look up and see the rainbow after the rain. You pat my shoulder from behind. I don’t turn back. I ask myself first: Am I ready?




[If you] love her, please tell her.


This is the best era as well as a fast-changing era. Science and technology are experiencing exponential progression. Some factories have been run by robots. Some regions started allowing the use of the self-driving cars that we have heard about for a long time. Restaurants with automated robots that wash and prepare the ingredients, cook, and wash the dishes have also started making money. Nonetheless, while robots reduced humans’ workload, they also cut down direct interpersonal communication. People started experiencing estrangement from each other. Perhaps the speed of development has gone beyond what we need. The deluge of information overwhelms people 24/7. We wish we could take in ten lines at a time when we read or equip our brains with devices that enable instant memorization. We deeply fear that we can’t keep up with the latest information. However, before technological advancement reaches the point of implanting memory chips in human brains, books still have to be read line by line and page by page, and knowledge still has to be absorbed through repetition. So, now all you need to do is take a deep breath. Stay most at ease and carefully tackle the exams. After that, go home and have great discussions on science with your family. 

Note: This Weibo post was posted on the first day of the 2018 Gaokao (national college exam). Some people think this Weibo post matches one of the essay topics: “I have a date with 2035.”

The photo creatively suggested “100” — best wishes to the test-takers.


[I] had swum back and forth for a while. [I] was listening to the underwater sound field isolated from air and the sound of my exhaling. I kept breathing regularly and slowly picked up speed. Occasionally the pool water entered my ears when I took breaths, and I could only let out the water by tilting my head and trying to jump with one foot, as if I were dancing in the pool. As for the people near me, some were playing by the pool, and some were cleaving through the water at full speed as I did. We each embrace the summer cheerfully. When the hot summer increases our body temperature and our irritability, perhaps it is a reminder asking us to find a place to break free, to plunge into water to find the coolness that belongs to you [us], the coolness that comes naturally with peace of mind.

[I] met up with good friends since teenage years. [We] chatted freely to our hearts’ content. From memories of our first trip abroad to the changes in Hong Kong and to the plans about the future. Time flies, but our friendship never wavered. It is an ineffable feeling. The faces are familiar, but we were talking about disparate lives.  After [I] went home, I tried to look for the photos of our trip together, but I couldn’t find them. I discovered instead some photos I took with a 35mm camera. My thoughts immediately traveled back to the year when I was waiting on the set donning the costume of the Republican era [1912-1949]. I picked up the camera during breaks and invited fellow actors who were also on standby to come up with various poses for me to capture quietly. [Most photos] were snapped inadvertently. But that handsome uncle looked back and posed for me after a lot of persuasion. [I] spread out these photos which have been marked by the traces of  the fleeting time and tinted with retro colors by air. I lined them up one by one and realized that ineffable feeling actually stayed in those photos. [I] grew a bit out of the childish mischief and thoughtless pranks and lost some of the naiveté in my eyes. And I’ve gained some calm and concentration to advance bravely, in addition to the color of growth that time has covered us with.   

So? @EricSo

Eric So is the creator of the toy.

This looks like a mascot for the upcoming concerts. The Vampire Wallace? “So” is a nice pun that asks the fans if they are interested in this idea and plays with the mascot creator’s last name.

House. @Wallace Chung W Liang Family

Another “mysterious” chef prepared vegetarian afternoon snacks while Wallace dozed off on the couch. Glad to see the cute cat sauntering across the house!

This is the third video of the Food Rhapsody series. You can watch the other videos in the series here.

Scream! @EricSo @TEKsystems @Wallace Chung W Liang Family

A more vivid presentation of the Vampire Wallace! You can watch the video here.

Yo @Wallace Chung W Liang Family @All Out of Love Official Weibo

Wallace, you caught my attention! And, what a cute nickname for Cheng Tianyou! Also, adorable shots of the main cast of All Out of Love! Now that Liangsheng literally means “cool+born,” it does look right for the drama to be aired in the cool, crisp fall.

“Sweet grapefruit” is too delicious, peel peel peel peel peel peel peel…start peeling tonight. @ Hunan Satellite TV @Golden Eagle Exclusive Broadcast Theater @Wallace Chung W Liang Family @All Out of Love Official Weibo #All Out of Love# #Watch Dramas and Chat# #Weibo Theater#

“Sweet grapefruit” sounds like Tianyou in Mandarin, so it became perfect nickname for Wallace’s character. Also, “peel” sounds the same as “broadcast.”

To Sweet Grapefruit Girls: I know you will come, so I wait…The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. @Hunan Satellite TV @Golden Eagle Exclusive Broadcast Theater @Wallace Chung W Liang Family @All Out of Love Offical Weibo #All Out of Love# #Weibo Theater# #Wallace Chung Cheng Tianyou# #Hunan Satellite TV Mid-Autum Night#

If I must make an impartial remark, at our Maluzhai Village, there is no differentiation between big pigs’ feet and piglets’ feet. Pigs’ feet are pigs’ feet, just like mine…@Dragon TV We Are On The Way @Wallace Chung W Liang Family #All Out of Love# #Weibo Theater# #Wallace Chung Cheng Tianyou#

In one interview, Wallace did not understand the meaning of the Internet meme “big pig’s foot” or “trotter” and accepted the nickname happily.

In reality, “big pig’s foot” or “trotter”  refers to an unwelcome man, especially a man who is not sensitive to women’s emotional needs, a fickle man who turns cold to a woman after they become a couple, or a man who is a playboy. The meme went popular in August, 2018 as a generic complaint about men’s shortcomings.

Wallace posted this Weibo post obviously after realizing that he was tricked by the reporter. In the comments section, fans teased him for being gullible.


Translations of Wallace Chung’s Weibo Posts 2017

A lonesome blossom is the unique you, is doing your best. 2017 together all the way. Happy New Year! @ General and I Official Weibo

One, one, always, one lonesome blossom General and I started airing! #Wallace Chung A Lonesome Blossom# #Wallace Chung General and I# @ General and I Official Weibo

Those characters and lines, seem like withered lily pads, but are actually proud and wild.


Note: At first glance, the Chinese character “声” means “sound,” but after reading several fans’ interpretations, I think “chimed” is a better translation. According to some fans, Wallace posted the weibo near the Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano) in Milan, Italy around noon (11:50 AM to be precise).

Some fans found out that the sundial of the Milan Cathedral is translated as “太阳钟 [pronounced as tài yáng zhōng]” in Chinese. It literally means “the sun clock” or, as Wallace and the fans may see it, “Sun+Zhong,” As he often does, Wallace played around with polysemic Chinese words in the weibo. Many fans came to the realization that the complete caption of the weibo photo should be “太阳钟声 [tài yáng zhōng shēng]”—”The sun clock chimed” or “[Little] Sun+Zhong’s voice.” One fan even pointed out another pun— “太阳钟生 [same pronunciation, tài yáng zhōng shēng],” or “[Little] Sun+Zhong Sheng [Mr. Zhong in Cantonese]”…

Of course, this character also refers to Fang Haosheng, Wallace’s role in Healing Love.

Just finished filming [for the day]. Xiao Zhen [Little Zhen. “Little” is used before someone’s first name to show affection.] handed me the script for tomorrow’s filming. I recalled that the day before yesterday we finished work around dinner time. Someone said that we had not had a group dinner for a long time, so we decided instantly to go have dinner together. Xiao Zhen still kept herself busy while everyone else was joking around and stuffing their faces. They were hungry so they ate to their hearts’ content, which explains what the word “satisfied” means. Xiao Zhen suddenly spoke of what happened when she first met with me. She said, “That day was May 25, 2007!” The other people screamed, “Wasn’t that today ten years ago?” Everyone was happily stunned! Xiao Zhen said, “I went to a beauty salon near Jing’an Temple to meet you. You were getting a haircut there. You were wearing a white T-shirt, dark-colored jeans, and a pair of very white sneakers. Later you took me to work. In the car, you turned around and asked me what my name was, and after thinking for a long time you said you would call me Xiao Zhen.” When Xiao Zhen talked about those things, I immediately felt I went back to those days, all the memories replayed before my eyes vividly. It turns out that it is going to be the 11th year for Xiao Zhen to work as my assistant. We experienced so many things together…We went to the set with the extras in a Jinbei [Chinese car brand] van; the place we lived in back then had a leaking problem when it rains; we huddled together in a small corner and had lunch served in partitioned boxes; she held the script and rehearsed the lines with me; we had contests of memorizing the Tang dynasty poetry and the ci poetry of the Song dynasty. Since I started filming [in mainland] in 1999, I had been used to taking care of myself. Then Xiao Zhen appeared. To this day the macro environment for filming is constantly changing, but we still keep learning. It is so nice to feel motivated like this. There is a sentence [Zen proverb] that goes, “The person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold.” At this moment I think of the staff members working around me. Grateful. Thank you all.

Today I upgraded to VIP 7 (Sina Weibo’s automatic update). 

Put my mind to one thing, learned musical skills, engaging myself in every detail, looking forward to outcomes. Then, when I watched the edited segments, I got ideas that are more concrete, which generated more creativity: How can we create a new language in an established paradigm? Not sure if [we] can make it, but [we] want to give it a try because [we are] young. So, regarding the concert that ended on the 26th, the wishes for the Qixi Festival, the more changes at the Exhibition, and tomorrow, [it is more appropriate to say that] I belong more to the future [future-oriented]. Move forward step by step. [Let’s] keep going.     

HON @MoCA Shanghai

The breakfast meeting started.
Breakfast:    …What I want to say is…
I:   Yummy.

My lunch mainly consisted of vegetables, accompanied by the Milan Cathedral-shaped spaghetti, colorful, pleasing to the eye and the mind. When you are 50% full, you will be more creative. See Little Ke (nickname for Ecovacs). Become your family. Full commercial series #10,000 hours with Wallace Chung @科沃斯

Shared three meals of a day with you guys. It is because I watched the British fitness expert Joe Wicks’s videos. Then I made some healthy dishes on a whim. Be naughty sometimes! My mom gave me the review “looks good.” Let’s have dinner together. Let’s get started!

This picture is for Wa Min [Wa’s People] couples. A cup of weak, soothing tea. Read a little before going to bed. Good night.

At last night’s meeting, I mentioned a few Hong Kong movies dating back to the 1980s and the sense of ritualization in the entertainment milieu back then. On the way home, my car stopped at the traffic light. I thought to myself: I was only a teen at that time, how come a few romantic scenes between the leading male and female characters left such a deep impression on me? Perhaps it was the “ritual” of going to the cinema that made those scenes an indelible part of my memories. Was that my initial interpretation of movies? “It was such a nuanced feeling!” I pondered. A white old model car halted in the next lane. The drizzle covered the car windows with a layer of mist. I could barely see the man and woman in that car. They didn’t interact with each other. Their blank stares laid on the road, mixed with the exhaustion from work. Perhaps time was still in their car, and the air was chilly. Following the motionless red light was the yellow light which called for preparation, and then came the keenly anticipated reminder of the jubilant green light. Shouldn’t we all live our lives with such jubilance and keep in mind our dreams, youth, and the sentiments that we hold dear and near to the heart?

Last weekend I went to Itzhak Perlman’s recital. He was a violin prodigy. He is also an orchestral conductor. He is a maestro of the century with extraordinary achievements in multiple fields. Because I was cast in the role of a musician in the TV show Healing Love, I watched many video clips of great musicians. Albeit a doddering man, when he [Perlman] performs, he seems to be able to be totally immersed in the music, his body undulating as if to breathe. This time, I was able to attend the recital in person and admire the Romantic pieces that he is adept at. It was a thrilling experience for me. The next morning, I opened my violin case, took out the violin and resumed practice. I started with the scores for Healing Love. Over the next two days, the Liang Family’s “Face the Sun Project & Village Libraries of Happiness” is set to open two new branches in Yuci, Shanxi.

A seller’s demo. 

A buyer’s demo. 

Whose birthday? @He Jiong

Note: Chinese TV host He Jiong left a comment on

Sina Weibo’s automatic birthday update on Wallace’s page: “Idol idol happy birthday!”, so Wallace teased He Jiong with the question. He tried to get Mr. He to call him “idol” again.

Well, the clever Teacher He [his nickname] would never fall for that! He re-shared Wallace’s question and answered with a pun which could mean either “Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa it’s my Wa’s!” or “Wow wow wow wow wow it’s mine!” He then ended up really getting some birthday day wishes…


2017#COSMO Fashion and Beauty Grand Ceremony# Low-profile and down-to-earth, conscientious ad diligent. His professionalism earned rave reviews in the field. He took on different roles with ease. He is incredibly charismatic in every move. He is @Wallace Chung. 

“Time, set the years down, to engrave beauty. 

See you in Shanghai on December 18th.  


Time, makes us look forward to this rare meeting. December 18th, I will appraise beauty with you.   

黑花 [hēi huā] and 黑草 [hēi cǎo]

黑花 [hēi huā] n. Black+flower. Hey Wow. This Internet slang term is the name of Wallace Chung’s stuffed panda doll aka his “daughter.” Wallace Chung later developed spin-offs like caps, shoes, dolls, backpacks, etc. based on the image of Hey Wow.

黑草 [hēi cǎo] n. Black+grass. This Internet slang term refers to Wallace Chung’s male fans.

Morning, Wallace Chung

#钟汉良乐作人生巡回演唱会# [心]#钟汉良视觉艺术展#   A little flirting a day keeps the doctor away[舔屏]! Morning[太阳]@钟汉良 ​
Source: Weibo