Internet Slang Glossary


愛笑的女孩運氣不會太差 [ài xiào de nǚ hái yùn qì bù huì tài chà]: Girls who like laughing usually won’t have bad luck.

安利 [ān lì]: To Amway. To advertise what one adores. 

[ǎo]: 1. To fuck [someone]. 2. <Expletive> Fuck, shit.

傲嬌 [ào jiāo]: Sassy.

凹造型 [āo zào xíng]=拗造型 [ǎo zào xíng]: 1. To strike a cool pose. 2. To strike a unnatural pose. 3. To make a funny pose (for photo shooting). 

A片 [A piàn]: Porn movies.

A站 [A zhàn]: A site aka Acfun.  

愛情動作片 [ài qíng dòng zuò pian]: Love+action+movie aka porn movies.


霸道總裁 [bà dào zǒng cái]: Overbearing+executive. A rich, imposing, and controlling male character who is attracted to an unlikely female love interest.

霸道總裁愛上我 [bà dào zǒng cái ài shàng wǒ]: The overbearing executive fell in love with me. A popular storyline in Chinese and Korean TV shows where an upper-class man falls in love with a working-class woman. 

八零後 [bā líng hòu]: The post-80s. People born between 1980 and 1989 in mainland China.

把妹 [bǎ mēi]: To hit on a woman.

霸屏 [bà píng]: To occupy the screen. To have multiple projects aired on TV and/or shown in movie theaters.  

霸氣 [bà qì]: 1. Confident and imposing. 2. Swagger. 3.Single-minded, narcisstic machismo.

霸氣外露 [bà qì wài lù]: Swagger overflows. Often used sarcastically. 

白富美 [bái fù měi]: Light-skinned, rich, and beautiful.” A stereotype of an ideal woman for dating or marriage.

白蓮花 [bái lián huā]: White lotus flower. 1. Kind, innocent, lovable, good people. 2. People who pretend to be kind, innocent, and lovable.

抱大腿 [bào dà tuǐ]: Hug+lap. To cling to someone’s laps. To curry favor. To be obsequious and exhibit a fawning attitude. 

抱緊我 [bào jǐn wǒ]: Hold me tight. A humorous way to invite others to side with you or to call for people who share your experience.

百合 [bǎi hé]: Lily. Lesbian. 

掰彎 [bāi wān]: To bend [someone]. To turn a hexterosexual person into a homosexual. Sometimes this Internet slang term is used to praise a charming person of the same sex. 

爆表 [bào biǎo]: Off the charts. Extremely. 

爆棚 [bào péng]: Explode+shack/tent/canopy. [Of something] great in quantity, measure, or degree.

暴強 [bào qiáng]: Incredibly awesome.

暴走 [bào zǒu]: 1. To lose self control. 2. To flip out or get mad at someone.

玻璃心 [bō lí xīn]: Glass-like fragile heart. Snowflake.

北鼻 [běi bí]: North+nose. Baby. A humorous alternative of “baby” mimicking the Taiwanese accent to play cute.

悲催 [bēi cuī]: So sad that it makes you cry.  This Internet slang term is often used to describe something that’s shocking, sad and hard to accept.

背鍋 [bēi guō]: Carry+wok. 1) To be made the scapegoat. 2) To bear the blame for someone else’s mistake.

杯具 [bēi jù]: Cups. Tragedy.  This Internet slang term is a cute way of saying 悲剧 bēi jù] “tragedy” because they are homophones.

被自己帥醒 [bèi zì jǐ shuài xǐng]To be waken up by one’s handsomeness.

奔放洋氣有深度 [bēn fàng yáng qì yǒu shēn dù]: Wild, western, and deep.

崩溃 [bēng kuì]Feeling crushed, having a emotional meltdown.

碧池 [bì chí]: Turquoise pond. Bitch. This Internet slang term is a euphemism for “bitch” because of similar pronunciation. 

壁咚 [bì dōng]: Wall+slapping sound. To force someone against a wall with one hand or to lean against a wall and make a slapping sound, leaving the woman nowhere to go. 

 [biǎo]: Shall not, do not (do something). A humorous alternative of 不要 [bú yào] “do not” mimicking the Taiwanese accent. 

表情包 [biǎo qíng bāo]: Emoji package. A humorous picture or GIF used in online conversiations as an emoji. The image is often captioned.  Celebrities’ pictures of exaggerated facial expressions are often captioned as emojis.

別說話,吻我 [bié shuō huà, wěn wǒ]: <Expression> Don’t talk, kiss me. This expression was a caption of pouting selfies flaunted by a successful gamer. It also appeared in the lyrics of an internet pop song. Now it is used for joking or playing cute.

逼格 [bī gé] :Fraud caliber. The ability to make people think you are better than you really are.

BL: Boys’ Love. Originating from the Japanese ACG culture, this Internet slang term refers to literary or anime works about homosexual relationships between teenage boys.

並沒有 [bìng méi yǒu]: Actually, not really. This Internet slang term is often used to defy someone else’s preassumption humorously. 

比心 [bǐ xīn]: Gesticulate+heart. Make a heart-shape with one’s hand or one’s thumb and index finger to show love and support. There are gernerally three ways. Click on the Chinese word to see the picture instructions.  

补刀 [bǔ dāo]: <Gaming terminology> To attack a dying person once more to make sure he or she will definitely die. Similar to “rub salt in the wound,” this Internet slang term is later used to describe further mocking or rebuttal in communication. 

不會聊天 [bú huì liáo tiān]: To know how to chat. A conversationist who is polite, respectful, understanding, and interesting is touted as someone who knows how to chat. This Internet slang term celebrates one’s high EQ. In the Chinese Internet culture, a high IQ is predominately defined as being polite and considerate of others.

不明覺厲 [bù míng jué lì]: <Expression> This slang term is short for “[I] don’t understand it but feel it’s awesome.”

不能我一個人瞎 [bù néng wǒ yí gè rén xiā]: <Expression> I can’t go blind alone. This Internet meme is used after you see gross or scary stuff online. You are so traumatized that you wish you poked your eyes out, but before you do that, you feel you must share what you saw…

不忍直視 [bù rěn zhí shì]: <Expression> Cannot bear to look at [someone or something] straight in the eye. This Internet slang term is used when you find it hard to accept a situation.

。。。不是高冷,只是暖的不是你 [。。。bú shì gāo lěng, zhǐ shì nuǎn de bú shì nǐ]: <Expression> [Someone] is not coolly remote—it’s just that you are not the one he/she cares about. This Internet slang phrase is used to comment on the fact that someone is not that into you.

不要不要 [bú yào bú yào]: <Expression> No! No! This phrase is originally related to Japanese porn movies.

不裝逼我們還是好朋友 [bù zhuāng bī wǒ men hái shì hǎo péng yǒu]: <Expression> If you don’t act all snotty, we can still be good friends.

不作死就不會死 [bù zuō sǐ jiù bú huì sǐ]=No Zuo No Die [no zuō no die]: <Expression> If you don’t seek death, you won’t die. If you don’t do stupid things, you won’t suffer. This phrase is often used to comment on crazy behaviors that lead to embarrassment and awkwardness.

B站 [B zhàn]: B site aka bilibili.


彩蛋 [cǎi dàn]: Colorful+egg. Video teaser.

 [cào]: <Expletive> Fuck. Darn it. Shit.

[cǎo]<Expletive> Fuck.

草 [cǎo]<Expletive> Fuck.

草泥馬 [cǎo ní mǎ]: 1. Grass Mud Horse. A nickname for a llama . 2. A symbol of defiance against Internet censorship in China because it sounds like the expletive 操你妈 [cào nǐ mā] “fuck your mother.” 

蹭熱度 [cèng rè dù]: Cadge+heat. To freeload the popularity of a more famous celebrity for personal gain, especially public attention. This Internet slang term is often used by the fans to attack someone whom they often consider to be less popular than their idol.

[cháo]Trendy, fashionable, hip, cool.

炒雞 [chǎo jī]Stir-fry+chicken. This Internet slang term means 超級 [chāo jí] “super, extremely.” 

朝陽群眾 [cháo yáng qún zhòng]: People of Chaoyang District [in Beijing]. Residents of this area are famous crime-busters who actively report suspicious activity to police to ensure community safety.

程序媛 [chéng xù yuán]: Programming+beautIful woman. An affectionate nickname for female programmers. This Internet slang term and 程序員 “programmer” are homophones.

車震 [chē zhèn]: Car+quake. To have sex in a car.

癡漢臉 [chī hàn liǎn]Infatuated man’s face. This Internet slang term is used to describe one’s intense admiration for someone or something. It is very often seen in the humorous depiction of one’s adoration for an idol’s looks and/or talents.

吃貨 [chī huò]: People who like eating. These people may know a lot about eating—foodies, or simply like stuffing their faces without developing a good taste for food—food junkies.

吃土 [chī tǔ]To eat soil. This Internet slang term quips about the consequence of spending too much money on online shopping—eating nothing but soil three meals a day because soil is free.

寵溺 [chǒng nì]: Spoil+indulge. Indulgent, indulgently, loving indulgence. 

傳送門 [chuán sòng mén]: Door-shaped teleporter. Portal, the link to a website. This Internet slang term often precedes a website link or is used to request the link to more information on a subject.

船戲 [chuán xì]Boat scenes=bed scenes=sex scenes. This Internet slang term came into popularity because “boat” and “bed” sound alike.

穿越 [chuān yuè]To go through (the time tunnel), to achieve time travel.

出坑 [chū kēng]: To get out of a pit. To complete an Internet novel; to accomplish all the tasks in an online game.

蠢萌 [chǔn méng]: Silly+cute. Adorkable.

触手 [chù shǒu]: 1. Illustrators who use touch-enabled devices and presure-senitive pens. 2. ACG illustrators.

此處應有掌聲 [cǐ chù yīng yǒu zhǎng shēng]: <Expression>A round of applause is expected here. This expression is often humorously used by the self-touted speaker to invite the audience to acknowledge what he or she just said.

次元 [cì yuán]: Dimension. Originating from the Japanese ACG culture, this Internet slang term refers to a collection of elements in fantasy worlds. A typology of such worlds witnesses 1-, 2-, and, 3-dimensional worlds as known in common sense.

從此節操是路人 [cóng cǐ jié cāo shì lù rén]: Scruples have since been passers-by. This expression means making unconventional choices would distance you from the social norms widely observed by the consertative people. 

CP: Couple. This Internet slang term is often used to describe couples in movies or TV series. Sometimes it is also used to describe real-life couples. 

CP粉 [CP fěn]: Fans of on-screen couples. They sometimes hope that the two actors become a real-life couple.

粗來 [cū lái]: Come out. A humorous phonetci deviation of 出來 [chū lái] “come out”.

粗線 [cū xiàn]: Bold+line. To appear, to show up. This Internet slang term and 出現 [chū xiàn] “come up, show up” are homophones. This term is a humorous way of saying “to appear” with a Taiwanese accent.


打臉 [dǎ liǎn]

大牛[dà niú]

大神 [dà shén]

大叔 [dà shū]

大写加粗 [dà xiě jiā cū]

待我長髮及腰 [dài wǒ cháng fà jí yāo]

擔當 [dān dāng]

淡定=蛋腚 [dàn dìng]

耽美 [dān měi]: Obsess+beauty. Japanese litereary term たんび (tanbi) which originally referred to aestheticism but has evolved to be connected with BL-themed works since the 1970s.

彈幕 [dàn mù]

蛋妞兒  [dàn niū er]

單身狗 [dān shēn gǒu]

單身汪 [dān shēn wāng]

蛋疼 [dàn téng]

叨逼叨 [dāo bī dāo]

逗逼=逗比 [dòu bī]

抖森 [dǒu sēn]

得瑟 [dè se]

點讚之交 [diǎn zàn zhī jiāo]

低調奢華有內涵 [dī diào shē huá yǒu nèi hán]low-key, luxurious, and insightful.

屌爆 [diǎo bào]

屌絲=吊絲 [diǎo sī]

丁日 [dīng rì]

都教授 [dū jiào shòu]

毒舌 [dú shé]

段子手 [duàn zi shǒu]

Duang [duāng]

懟 [duì]

剁手族 [duò shǒu zú]  

對方不想和你說話並向你扔了一隻狗 [duì fāng bù xiǎng hé nǐ shuō huà bìng xiàng nǐ rēng le yì zhī gǒu]



2=二 [èr]

2B/二逼 [èr bī]

二逼青年歡樂多 [èr bī qīng nián huān lè duō]

二哈 [èr hā]

二貨 [èr huò]

233 [èr sān sān]


發糖 [fā táng]: To give out candies. To display affection in public or sharing details about their love. It is a positive term.

飯 [fàn]

反雞湯 [fǎn jī tāng]

飯拍 [fàn pāi]

翻牌 [fān pái]

翻墻 [fān qiáng]: To climb over the Great Firewall. To circumvent China’s Internet censorship system to access blocked overseas websites.  

飯制 [fàn zhì]

反射弧過長 [fǎn shè hú guò cháng]

飯隨愛豆 [fàn suí ài dòu]

放大招 [fàng dà zhāo]

放開他, 讓我來 [fàng kai tā, range won lái]

放空 [fàng kōng]

房奴 [fáng nú]

反轉 [fǎn zhuǎn]

廢柴 [fèi chái]

粉木耳 [fěn mù ěr]

分分鐘 [fēn fēn zhōng]

鳳凰男 [fèng huáng nán]

風中凌亂 [fēng zhōng líng luàn]

富二代 [fù èr dài]

付蘭蘭 [fù lán lán]

腐蘭蘭 [fǔ lán lán]

福利 [fú lì]

負能量 [fù néng liàng]

腐女 [fǔ nǚ]

浮雲 [fú yún]


尬聊 [gà liáo]: Embarrassment+chat. To have an awkward and hilarious conversation usually because the people don’t see eye to eye.

干 [gàn]: 1. To fuck [someone]. 2. <Expletive> Fuck, shit.

尷尬癌 [gān gà ái]

尷尬癥 [gān gà zhèng]

感覺身體被掏空 [gǎn jué shēn tǐ bèi tāo kōng]

感覺自己萌萌噠 [gǎn jué zì jǐ méng méng da]

乾貨 [gān huò]

乾了這碗毒雞湯 [gān le zhè wǎn dú jī tāng]

高大上 [gāo dà shàng]=高端大氣上檔次 [gāo duān dà qì shàng dǎng cì]High-end, stylish, and classy. 

高端黑 [gāo duān hēi]

高富帥 [gāo fù shuài]

搞基 [gǎo jī]: Play+gay. This Internet slang term means “to have a homosexual relationship. However, it is often humorously refers to being close to friends of the same sex.

高冷 [gāo lěng]

高司令 [gāo sī lìng]

高手在民間 [gāo shǒu zài mín jiān]

gc=g潮 [g cháo] = 高潮 [gāo cháo]


公知 [gōng zhī]

公主病 [gōng zhǔ bìng]

狗糧 [gǒu liáng] Dog food. Single people’s self-pity triggered by public displayed affection by couples online or offline.

狗帶 [gǒu dài]

狗血 [gǒu xiě]


隔壁老王 [gé bì lǎo wáng]

給力 [gěi lì]

哏 [gén]=梗 [gěng]


耿直 [gěng zhí]

葛優癱 [gě yōu tān]

各種 [gè zhǒng]

怪我咯 [guài wǒ lo]

灌水 [guàn shuǐ]

鬼畜 [guǐ chù]

跪了 [guì le]

閨蜜 [guī mì]

貴圈真亂 [guì quān zhēn luàn]

跪舔 [guì tiǎn]

鬼知道我經歷了什麼 [guǐ zhī dào wǒ jīng lì le shén me] 

滾床單 [gǔn chuáng dān]  


哈比人 [hā bǐ rén]

壕 [háo]=土豪 [tǔ háo]

好單純好不做作 [hǎo dān chún hǎo bú zuò zuò]

好方 [hǎo fāng]

好奇寶寶[háo qí bǎo bao]

嗨p [hāi p]

孩紙 [hái zhǐ]: Child. A humorous alternative of 孩子 [hái zi] mimicking the Taiwanese dialect. 

還能不能愉快地玩耍了 [hái néng bù néng yú kuài de wán shuǎ le] 

還有這種操作 [hái yǒu zhè zhǒng cāo zuò]: <Gaming terminology> Expression. This gambit exists?! An equivalent of “Didn’t see this coming.” This expression recently replaced 黑人問號 [hēi rén wèn hào] to express one’s perplexion, amazement, or shock.


呵呵噠 [hē hē da]

嘿嘿嘿 [hēi hēi hēi]

何棄療 [hé qì liáo]

黑 [hēi]

黑科技 [hēi kē jì]

黑歷史 [hēi lì shǐ]

黑木耳 [hēi mù ěr]

黑人問號 [hēi rén wèn hào]Black person+question marks. This Internet slang term derives from pictures of Nicholas Aaron “Nick” Young, an NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers, with question marks added. This meme is used when you are perplexed, shocked, or speechless. ​​​​

-_-||=黑線 [hēi xiàn]

黑子 [hēi zi]

洪荒之力 [hóng huāng zhī lì]

轟趴 [hōng pā]

花癡 [huā chī]=HC

畫風 [huà fēng]

畫風突變 [huà fēng tū biàn]

華麗麗 [huá lì lì]

花式虐狗 [huā shì nüè gǒu]

花式秀恩愛 [huā shì xiù ēn ài]

活捉一只 [huó zhuō yì zhī]

灰常 [huī cháng]

會聊天 [huì liáo tiān]: To know how to chat. A conversationist who is polite, respectful, understanding, and interesting is touted as someone who knows how to chat. This Internet slang term celebrates one’s high EQ. In the Chinese Internet culture, a high IQ is predominately defined as being polite and considerate of others.

毀三觀 [huǐ sān guān]

毀童年 [huǐ tóng nián]

回憶殺 [huí yì shā] Memory+kill. To reminisce about the past emotionally.

霍比特人 [huò bǐ tè rén]

活久見 [huó jiǔ jiàn]

火星哥 [huǒ xīng gē]




酱 [jiàng]

攪基 [jiǎo jī]: To display homosexuality. To develop romantic relationships as homosexuals.

教科書般 [jiào kē shū bān]

嬌羞 [jiāo xiū]: Bashful. This Internet slang term is often used humorously to describe males.

鷄凍 [jī dòng]

基佬 [jī lǎo]

吉米肥倫秀 [jí mǐ féi lún xiù]

吉米雞毛秀 [jí mǐ jī máo xiù]

雞湯 [jī tāng]

基友 [jī yǒu]

簡約時尚國際范 [jiǎn yuān shí shàng guó jì fàn]

醬紫 [jiàng zǐ]: Like this. In this way. A humorous alternative of 这样子 [zhè yàng zi] mimicking the Taiwanese accent to play cute.

鍵盤俠 [jiàn pán xiá]: Keyboard+saber. People who like going on a rant in online communication. They are cynical and judgmental without the ability to make a difference through action.


 [jiè]: This. A humorous alternative of 这 [zhè] mimicking Southern Chinese dialects.

節操 [jié cāo]: Integrity, the moral character. This slang term is often used in teasing and joking.

節操掉了一地 [jié cāo diào le yí dì]: <Expression> Integrity is scattered all over the floor. This Internet slang term often describes people who do unconventional yet not necessarily unethical things. Considered reckless, silly or even brash by the outsiders, those “out-of-place” acts are usually done out of passion, such as what fans would do for idols or what an infatuated person would do for his or her crush.

精分 [jīng fēn]

靜靜的美男子 [jìng jìng de měi nán zǐ]

禁慾系 [jìn yù xì]

 [jiǒng]: Embarrassed, shocked, amused, or stupefied. This Chinese character resembles a gloomy face.

囧司徒 [jiǒng sī tú]

囧瑟夫 [jiǒng sè fū]

既視感 [jì shì gǎn]

糾結 [jiū jié]

九零後 [jiǔ líng hòu]: The post -90s. People born between 1990 and 1999 in mainland China.

機智如我 [jī zhì rú wǒ]

卷福 [juǎn fú]

菊花 [jú huā]


開掛 [kāi guà]

看臉的世界 [kàn liǎn de shì jiè]

抗日神劇 [kàng rì shén jù]


科科 [kē kē]

科普 [kē pǔ]

坑爹 [kēng diē]

孔雀女 [kǒng què nǚ]

釦釦熊 [kòu kòu xióng]


拉仇恨 [lā chóu hèn]

來啊,互相傷害啊 [lái a, hù xiāng shāng hài a]

辣雞 [là jī] 

拉拉 [lā lā]: Hold+hands. Lesbian.  

懶癌 [lǎn ái]

浪 [làng]

狼民 [láng mín]

藍瘦香菇 [lán shòu xiāng gū]

老幹部 [lǎo gàn bu] 

老司機 [lǎo sī jī]

勞資 [láo zī]

 [léi]: To be shocked, as if shocked by thunder.

淚奔 [lèi bēn]

累覺不愛 [lèi jué bú ài]

雷人 [léi rén]: Shocking, striking, unbelievable.

蕾絲邊 [léi sī biān]: Lace border. Lesbian.  

冷笑話 [lěng xiào huà]

臉大 [liǎn dà]

亮點 [liàng diǎn]

亮了 [liàng le]

良民 [liáng mín]=LM

亮瞎我的鈦合金狗眼 [liàng xiā wǒ de tài hé jīn gǒu yǎn]

聊聊人生 [liáo liáo rén shēng]

撩妹 [liáo mēi]

厲害了我的哥 [lì hài le wǒ de gē]

厲害了word… [lì hài le word…]

零零后/00后 [líng líng hòu] n. People born between 2000 and 2010 in mainland China.

凌亂 [líng luàn]

流量小花 [liú liàng xiǎo huā]

流量小生 [liú liàng xiǎo shēng] 

LOL=擼啊擼 [lū a lū]


lz = 樓主 [lóu zhǔ]

 [lū]: To stroke [the penis]. To masturbate. 

路癡 [lù chī]

擼管 [lū guǎn]

路透 [lù tòu]

路(人)轉粉 [lù (rén) zhuǎn fěn]

蘿莉 [luó lì]

落水 [luò shuǐ]

綠茶婊 [lǜ chá biǎo]

綠綠 [lǜ lǜ]: Green green. The Muslims.


馬 [mǎ]

媽癌 [mā ái]

媽寶男/女 [mā bǎo nán/nǚ]

買家秀 [mǎi jiā xiù]

賣家秀 [mài jiā xiù]

買買買 [mǎi mǎi mǎi]

賣萌 [mài méng]

馬克 [mǎ kè]

瑪麗蘇 [mǎ lì sū]: <Fan fiction terminology> Mary Sue, an idealized character. The male equivalent is Gary Stu or Marty Stu. A a poorly developed female character, too perfect and lacking in realism to be interesting.

馬路殺手 [mǎ lù shā shǒu]: Road+killer. This Internet slang term refers to poor drivers. Female drivers are often unfairly labeled as road killers.

媽媽問我為什麼跪著看。。。[mā ma wèn wǒ wèi shén me guì zhe kàn。。。]


摸頭殺 [mō tóu shā] Gently caress and stroke the head+kill. The flirting technique of a guy stroking a girl’s head to comfort her. 

魔性 [mó xìng]


麼麼噠 [mē mē da]

霉霉 [méi méi]

沒sei了 [méi séi le]

沒想到你是這樣的。。。[méi xiǎng dào nǐ shì zhè yàng de…]


懵逼 [mēng bī]

萌萌噠 [méng méng da]

蒙圈=懵圈 [mēng quān]

萌炸 [méng zhà]

秒回 [miǎo huí]

秒殺 [miǎo shā]

喵星人 [miāo xīng rén]

迷弟 [mí dì]

迷妹 [mí mèi]

明明可以靠脸吃饭, 偏偏要靠才华 [míng míng kě yǐ kào liǎn chī fàn, piān piān yào kào cái huá]

迷之 [mí zhī]=蜜汁 [mì zhī]

美眉/MM [měi méi]

妹子 [mèi zi] = 妹紙 [mèi zhǐ]

悶騷 [mēn sāo]

某人 [mǒu rén]


那畫面太美,我不敢看 [nà huà miàn tài měi, wǒ bù gǎn kàn]

男閨蜜 [nán guī mì]

男神 [nán shén]

男神經 [nán shén jīng]

男友力 [nán yǒu lì]

男友力 MAX [nán yǒu lì MAX]

腦補 [nǎo bǔ]

腦殘 [nǎo cán]

腦洞 [nǎo dòng]

鬧哪樣 [nào nǎ yàng]

內個 [nèi ge]

內牛滿面 [nèi niú mǎn miàn]

內心戲 [nèi xīn xì]

碾壓 [niǎn yā]: To mash [someone]. To defeat someone with an obvious advantage in intelligence, wealth, etc. 

你才是。。。你全家都是。。。[nǐ cái shì…nǐ quán jiā dōu shì…]

你的良心不會痛嗎 [nǐ de liáng xīn bú huì tòng ma]

你还记得大明湖畔的。。。吗 [nǐ hái jì dé dà míng hú pàn de…ma]

尼瑪 [ní mǎ]

你妹 [nǐ mèi]

泥萌 [ní méng]

你們感受下 [nǐ men gǎn shòu xià]

泥石流 [ní shí liú]

逆天 [nì tiān]

逆生長 [nì shēng zhǎng]

逆襲 [nì xí]

你行你上,不行别瞎BB [nǐ xíng nǐ shàng, bù xíng bié xiā bī bī]

你咋不上天呢 [nǐ zǎ bú shàng tiān ne]

你這是在搞事情 [nǐ zhè shì zài gǎo shì qing]

牛逼/B/NB [niú bī]

X [niú chā]

牛人 [niú rén]

暖男 [nuǎn nán]

虐腹 [nüè fù]: Abuse+abdomen. To do intense abs workouts, especially to develop a visible Adonis belt or a V-shaped core.

虐狗 [nüè gǒu]

虐心 [nüè xīn]

女司機 [nǚ sī jī]: Female driver. This Internet slang term indicates the prejudice that female drivers have poor driving skills.

女同 [nǚ tóng]: Female+same. Lesbian. 

XX虐我千百遍,我待XX如初戀 [XX nüè wǒ qiān bǎi biàn, wǒ dài XX rú chū liàn]

怒刷存在感 [nù shuā cún zài gǎn]

女漢子 [nǚ hàn zi]

女神 [nǚ shén]

女神經 [nǚ shén jīng]





趴 [pā]

啪啪啪 [pā pā pā]

胖子都是潛力股 [pàng zi dōu shì qiǎn lì gǔ]

炮友 [páo yǒu]

陪伴,是最長情的告白 [péi bàn, shì zuì cháng qíng de gào bái]

碰瓷 [pèng cí]

盆栽精 [pén zāi jīng]

噴 [pēn]: To spurt, spout gush. To go on a rant online. This Internet slang term is often used to describe Internet trolls. 

噴子 [pēn zi]

飄過 [piāo guò]


前方高能 [qián fāng gāo néng]

墻裂 [qiáng liè]

墻內 [qiáng nèi]: On this side of the Great Firewall. The Internet environment affected by the Great Firewall.

墻外 [qiáng wài]: On the other side of the Great Firewall. the Internet environment unaffected by the Great Firewall.

錢妞 [qián niū]

敲 [qiāo]

敲黑板 [qiāo hēi bǎn]

氣場兩米八 [qì chǎng liǎng mǐ bā]

棄坑 [qì kēng]


情何以堪 [qíng hé yǐ kān]

清流 [qīng liú]

請收下我的膝蓋 [qǐng shōu xià wǒ de xī gài]

奇葩 [qí pā]

求……的心理陰影面積 [qiú…de xīn lǐ yīn yǐng miàn ji]

取關 [qǔ guān]

圈粉 [quān fěn]


燃 [rán]

然并卵 [rán bīng luǎn]

熱單 [rè dān]

惹 [rě]

人才[rén cái]

人畜无害 [rén chù wú hài]

人艱不拆 [rén jiān bù chāi]

人設 [rén shè]

人生苦短,必須性感 [rén shēng kǔ duǎn bì xū xìng gǎn]

人生贏家 [rén shēng yíng jiā]

人在做,天在看 [rén zài zuò, tiān zài kàn]

 [rì]To fuck.

日了狗 [rì le gǒu]

弱爆了[ruò bào le]

弱弱的問一句 [ruò ruò de wèn yí jù]


撒狗糧 [sǎ gǒu liáng] <Expression>To pour dog food. (Of a couple) to show affection toward each other online or offline, which may trigger envy, jealousy, and self-pity among single people. 

騷年 [sāo nián]: (Lustful, flirtatious) teenage boy. Phonetic deviation of 少年 [shào nián] teenage boy. This Internet slang term simply means “teenagers brimming with hormones.”

三歲 [sān suì]

三小只 [sān xiǎo zhī]

喪心病狂 [sàng xīn bìng kuáng]

森女 [sēn nǚ]

傻白甜 [shǎ bái tián]

SB/傻逼 [shǎ bī]

閃 [shǎn]

山寨 [shān zhài]

上 [shàng]: To mount [someone]. To have sex with someone.

傷不起 [shāng bù qǐ]

燒腦 [shāo nǎo]

少女心 [shào nǚ xīn]

少女心收割機 [shào nǚ xīn shōu gē jī]


手賤 [shǒu jiàn]: Hand+base. (Of hands) base. You chastise your hand or fingers for being base because you clicked on something that is so gross or scary that you regret being inquisitive.

手撕鬼子 [shǒu sī guǐ zi]

蛇精病 [shé jīng bìng]

深柜男 [shēn guì nán]

神回復 [shén huí fù]

深井冰 [shēn jǐng bīng]

神馬 [shén mǎ]

什麼仇什麼怨 [shén me chóu, shén me yuàn]

什麼鬼 [shén me guǐ]

神人 [shén rén]

深夜發吃,報復社會 [shēn yè fā chī, bào fù shè huì]

神最右 [shén zuì yòu]

聖誕趴 [shèng dàn pā]

剩男 [shèng nán]

剩女 [shèng nǚ]

生肉 [shēng ròu]

十動然拒 [shí dòng rán jù]

石化 [shí huà]

視姦 [shī jiān]

實力 [shí lì]

始於顏值,陷於才華,忠於人品 [shǐ yú yán zhí, xiàn yú cái huá, zhōng yú rén pǐn]

熟肉 [shú ròu]

刷 [shuā]

水果姐 [shuǐ guǒ jiě]

水軍 [shuǐ jūn]

水逆 [shuǐ nì]

刷屏 [shuā píng] & 被……刷屏 [bèi shuā píng]

甩鍋 [shuǎi guō] : Dump+wok. 1) To refuse to be wronged. 2) To shirk responsibility while one is actually responsible.

撕逼 [sī bī]

死忠粉 [sǐ zhōng fěn] 

蘇 [sū]=酥 [sū]

酸 [suān]

碎成渣渣 [suì chéng zhàn zhā]

碎碎唸 [suì suì niàn]


躺槍 [tǎng qiāng]

攤手 [tān shǒu]

套路 [tào lù]

特麼 [tè me]

天朝 [tiān cháo]

填坑 [tián kēng]

天啦嚕 [tiān la lu]

天雷滾滾 [tiān léi gǔn gǔn]Thunders rolling in the sky. Shocked. This term is similar to 雷 [léi] thundered.

舔屏 [tiǎn píng]

鐵粉 [tiě fěn]



同框 [tóng kuāng]

同人 [tóng rén]: Japanese term doujin referring to a group of people or friends who share an interest, activity, hobbies, or achievement. In China, this term is often used to describe people who are engaged in fanfiction writing.

童鞋 [tóng xié]

吐槽 [tù cáo]: To grouse, question, or comment, often in a funny or creative way.

土豪 [tǔ háo]

土豪金 [tǔ háo jīn]

推坑 [tuī kēng]

推送 [tuī sòng]: Push+send. (Of official accounts of organizations) to recommend+send [articles on Weibo or WeChat].

脫線 [tuō xiàn]



外貌協會 [wài mào xié huì]

YY=歪歪 [wāi wāi]

挖坑 [wā kēng]: To dig a pit. To start writing an Internet novel and publishing it in installments. To start playing an online game. To start a project that attracts people’s attention.

網紅 [wǎng hóng]

汪星人 [wāng xīng rén] 

灣灣 [wān wān]

我擦 [wǒ cā] = 臥槽 [wò cáo] = 我操 [wǒ cào] = 我靠 [wǒ kào]

我和小夥伴都驚呆了 [wǒ hé xiǎo huǒ bàn men dōu jīng dāi le]: <Expression>My little buddies [“little buddies” is used among children to refer to friends] and I were all dumbfounded. This expression is often used humorously to express one’s shock at something. 

我夥呆 [wǒ huǒ dāi]: <Expression>My+buddy+shock. This expression is short for 我和小夥伴都驚呆了 [wǒ hé xiǎo huǒ bàn men dōu jīng dāi le] which means “My little buddies [“little buddies” is used among children to refer to friends] and I were all dumbfounded.” This expression is often used humorously to express one’s shock at something. 

我勒個去 [wǒ lè gè qù]

我宣你 [wǒ xuān nǐ]

握爪 [wò zhǎo/wò zhuǎ]

為毛 [wèi máo]

溫油 [wēn yóu]

污 [wū]


污力滔滔 [wū lì tāo tāo]

無厘頭 [wú lí tóu]

五毛 [wǔ máo]

我想靜靜 [wǒ xiǎng jìng jìng]

威武 [wēi wǔ]

我也是醉了 [wǒ yě shì zuì le]

文藝 [wén yì]


細思恐極 [xì sī kǒng jí]

瞎逼逼=瞎BB [xiā bī bī]

嚇尿 [xià niào]

先馬後看 [xiān mǎ hòu kàn]

羨慕嫉妒恨 [xiàn mù jì dù hèn]

翔 [xiáng]

相愛相殺 [xiāng ài xiāng shā]

先森 [xiān sēn]

小白 [xiǎo bái]

小婊砸 [xiǎo biǎo zá]

笑cry [xiào cry]

笑得像鍾漢良一樣 [xiào de xiàng zhōng hàn liáng yí yàng]

笑點 [xiào diǎn]: Laugh+point. Laughing threshold. how easy it is to make someone burst into laughter.

小公舉 [xiǎo gōng jǔ]

小黃書 [xiǎo huáng shū]

小夥伴 [xiǎo huǒ bàn]

小李子 [xiào lǐ zi]

小姐姐 [xiǎo jiě jie]: Little+older sister. This Internet slang term is used to address or describe girls and young women. 

笑尿 [xiào niào]

小盆友 [xiǎo pén yǒu]=小朋友 [xiǎo péng yǒu]

小清新 [xiǎo qīng xīn]: Little+clear+fresh. 1. A music genre marked by artistic, aesthetic, and nonmainstream compositions and/or lyrics. 2. The artistic, aesthetic, and nonmainstream style in literature, movie, and photography. 3. [Of people] adoring simplicity, elegance, serenity, and independence. Sometimes this Internet slang is used with sarcasm. 

小確幸 [xiǎo què xìng]

小三 [xiǎo sān]

小仙女 [xiǎo xiān nǚ]: Little+nymph. This Internet slang term is used to address or describe girls and young women.

小鮮肉 [xiǎo xiān ròu]

習大大 [xí dà dà]

洗腦神曲 [xǐ nǎo shén qǔ]

心大 [xīn dà]

新番 [xīn fān]

心機boy/girl [xīn jī boy/girl]

新技能 [xīn jì néng]

心塞 [xīn sāi]

行走的荷爾蒙 [xíng zǒu de hé ěr méng]

熊孩子 [xióng hái zi]

學霸 [xué bà]

血槽已空 [xuè cháo yǐ kōng]

學渣 [xué zhā]


鴨梨 [yā lí]

壓力山大 [yā lì shān dà]: Mountains of stress. To be overtly stressed. This Internet slang term sounds like 亚历山大 [yà lì shān dà] Alexander.

雅蠛蝶 [yǎ miè dié]

顏藝 [yán yì]

顏控 [yán kòng]

嚴肅臉 [yán sù liǎn]

顏值 [yán zhí]

顏值爆表 [yán zhí bào biǎo]: Off-the-charts cute/pretty.

顏值巔峰 [yán zhí diān fēng]

妖艷賤貨 [yāo yàn jiàn huò]

一零后/10后 [yī líng hòu] People born between 2010 and 2020 in mainland China.

以夢為馬 [yǐ mèng wéi mǎ]

一言不合就。。。 [yì yán bù hé jiù…]

應援 [yìng yuán]

用力過猛 [yòng lì guò měng]

用生命在…… [yòng shēng mìng zài]

有愛 [yǒu ài]

有才 [yǒu cái]

油菜花 [yóu cài huā]

有毒 [yǒu dú]

有範 [yǒu fàn]

油管 [yóu guǎn] 

友盡 [yǒu jìn]

有木有 [yǒu mù yǒu]

有錢,就是這麼任性 [yǒu qián, jiù shì zhè me rèn xìng]

又叒叕 [yòu ruò zhuó]


業界良心 [yè jiè liáng xīn]

原地爆炸 [yuán dì bào zhà]

雨露均霑 [yǔ lù jūn zhān]

欲求不满 [yù qiú bù mǎn]

約嗎 [yuē ma]

約炮 [yuē pào]

雨神 [yǔ shén]

宇宙觀 [yǔ zhòu guān]


砸簡歷 [zá jiǎn lì]: <Expression> Smash+resumes. Please smash [us, the employers, with your] resumes.  

造 [zào]

在線 [zài xiàn]

走你 [zǒu nǐ]

走心 [zǒu xīn]

怎麼破 [zěn me pò]

渣男 [zhā nán]


站隊 [zhàn duì]: Stand+queue. To take sides.

扎心了,老鐵 [zhā xīn le, lǎo tiě]: <Expression>It smarts, buddy. This expression is adapted from the Northeastern Chinese dialect. 扎心 [zhā xīn] means “pierce my heart” while 老鐵 [lǎo tiě] is a slang term for “good friend.” This expression became popular at the beginning of 2017 and is often used humorously.

種草 [zhòng cǎo]

中國好XX [ zhōng guó hǎo XX]

鍾黑 [zhōng hēi]

腫麼 [zhǒng me]

周邊 [zhōu biān]

這貨 [zhè huò]

這句話我給滿分 [zhè jù huà wǒ gěi mǎn fēn]

真愛粉 [zhēn ài fěn]

正能量 [zhèng néng liàng]

這樣的。。。給我來一打 [zhè yàng de…gěi wǒ lái yì dá]

直男癌 [zhí nán ái]

直女癌 [zhí nǚ ái]

治愈系 [zhì yù xì]

撞臉 [zhuàng liǎn]

裝逼=裝B [zhuāng bī]=裝13 [zhuāng shí sān]

磚家 [zhuān jiā]

追劇 [zhuī jù]

追星狗 [zhuī xīng gǒu]

自黑 [zì hēi]

自來水 [zì lái shuǐ]

自己挖的坑,跪著也要填完 [zì jǐ wā de kēng, guì zhe yě yào tián wán]

姿勢 [zī shì]

作 [zuō]

作死的節奏 [zuò sǐ de jié zòu]

嘴炮 [zuǐ pào]

嘴欠 [zuǐ qiàn]


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