Chinese Traffic Officers Dance to “Seve”

Click on the image or the source to watch the video.

Click on the image or the source to watch the video.

【Cool! Here Comes Traffic Officers’ “Seve” Shuffle Dance [酷]】The Chinese New Year is approaching. @陕西铜川高速公路交警 Uncles [slang 4 older guys] got into dancing mode reminding you about traffic safety and impressing you at the same time. Netizens: They can’t be hotter!

【酷!警察蜀黍版Seve鬼步舞来啦[酷]】快过年了,@陕西铜川高速公路交警 蜀黍们开启“热舞”模式。提醒大家注意交通安全,又不忘耍耍酷!网友:这样的蜀黍最帅![哈哈]LSeve鬼步舞警察蜀黍版来袭 网友:帅炸了

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Parents’ Tastes

I compiled a list of the comments on this morning’s weibo. Conclusion: We share the world, we share the parents…Click below and you’ll be surprised as if you entered your own house. [笑cry]

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A Prison for His Highness


general-and-i-prison-02#钟汉良孤芳不自赏#[心]#钟汉良孤芳不自赏#[心]No wonder they said the prison of Jin is saved for His Highness. Look at all those Ws on the wall. You can’t deny that. [二哈][二哈][二哈] I wonder if the cast and crew did it on purpose.[笑cry][笑cry][笑cry]@钟汉良 #钟汉良#

#钟汉良孤芳不自赏#[心]#钟汉良孤芳不自赏#[心]怪不得说这大晋的天牢是给王爷预备的,看看这满墙的W,真是无法反驳[二哈][二哈][二哈]我怀疑剧组是不是故意的[笑cry][笑cry][笑cry]@钟汉良 #钟汉良#