Wallace Chung

HON Wallace Chung Exhibition

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The View and the Sentiment
Forest Story

I was probably 16 years old
When I shot my first print ad as a non-pro.
Loved soccer. That happened without a cause.
After school a group of people went to play football and basketball.
That period of time, was innocent and carefree.
Although I cannot go back to those years,
Recalling that at this moment,
The sweat of youth still reminds me that I was 16 years old that year.

“The years are tranquil and wonderful. Only by having our feet planted on solid ground [idiom meaning being earnest and down-to-earth] can we feel that.”

“Because I have talent, I don’t want to give up.”

—Wallace Chung

Wallace Chung

Wallace Chung HON Exhibition (I)

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The World of Sensual Pleasures
The Appearances of All Beings

Stunning yet frippery, a natural beauty.
Is what you see with your eyes real?
Is there an inverted image? Is there nihility?
Is there anything unknown to you and is there a future?
If confusion is temporary,
The anxious steps towards success should all be replaced by a steadfast work ethic.
How long haven’t you heard your ambitious and vigorous heartbeats?
Does that mean your life actually needs a little more of walking the walk?

“When we feel (life) is not extremely fantastic,
Actually, they are all the most beautiful (life) moments.
Every moment in life is quite beautiful,
As long as we have dreams,
And work hard to chase them,
The good weather, the good time, will eventually come.”

—Wallace Chung

Internet Slang

小仙女 [xiǎo xiān nǚ] & 小姐姐 [xiǎo jiě jie]

小仙女 [xiǎo xiān nǚ] n. Little+nymph. 小姐姐 [xiǎo jiě jiě] n. Little+older sister. Both Internet slang terms are used to address or describe girls and young women. These two newly-coined terms have probably rendered 美眉/MM [měi méi] “pretty girl” obsolete…[允悲] ​​​​

But personally I think “little nymph” is still a gendered term as by the Chinese people’s standards, nymphs are ageless and slender.


Louis Koo Hates Makeup

Louis Koo: At that time we were shooting [Cold Blood Warm Heart] day after day, night after night. How come your skin wouldn’t get lighter? I rarely wore makeup when I was filming. Why did I rarely wear makeup? Because I loathe putting on makeup! When you go home for a one- or two-hour break, what are you going to do, removing the makeup, taking a shower, or getting some sleep? Pick one. You were so worn out…why do you want to remove the makeup? Get some zzz’s! There is only one way to get away with wearing makeup—get tanned!

Pics  Weibo

Alicia Keys quitted makeup in May last year, but under duress, most female artists still dare not go bare. I don’t really think wearing makeup is a way of showing respect. It is just a way of catering to the male-dominated aesthetic culture: Young, fair-skinned, ageless…The funny thing is that Wallace Chung is touted for his flawless skin partly because he lives many Chinese women’s dream. Do we fans sexually objectify Wallace as many men sexually objectify women? [允悲] There seems to be a fine line between admiring beauty and obsessing over appearance…

The obsession over appearance has a huge impact on me. I too swoon over people who max out the cute-o-meter. Sometimes I caught myself rating people’s appearance in my mind…[嘘] Hopefully one day I will be less scared of getting old or ugly and less judgmental of a plain Jane. [小黄人剪刀手]


Lee Hyori’s Worry

Lee Hyori: I am afraid of infidelity, so I was scared of getting married. Not my husband’s infidelity, but mine. In the past I changed my boyfriend every two years. And I am going to live 60 or 50 more years! I am very afraid. What if I cheat on my husband and get berated by everyone in the country?  But now that fear works too. (Host: So you went to the desolated Sogil-ri.) Yes, yes, that’s right.

Have you told your husband about that? I tell him about that everyday. He said he is worried about me, too.

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