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Translations of Wallace Chung’s Weibo Posts 2016

Sing for Life is a storybook I wrote to myself and to be read only in the future. Follow the path laid out by life and explore, seek the pursue the breeze and sunshine in Impressionistic paintings…No matter what you must hold on to the failth that “I myself, aims to make my encounter with the future self wonderful.” These words will appear on the cover. If you rip open the packaging, you won’t be able to save them, so I’m writing them down here. (web link) Happy New Year @Wallace Chung W Liang Family

Even if I am in another country of the world, even if I am in the embrace of Mother Nature, I still feel small in the face of whirling snow. The walking distance is limited, and even the trams are temporarily out of service, but I achieve an exceptionally tranquil mind. I can only hear myself breathing in the air and the snow shovels crisply scraping against the frozen ground. When I turn back, I see the newly forged trail extending from the door to the curb. In addition to the joy of making a first step, I feel the euphoria of an instant relief. Nevertheless, the grass, roads, cars, houses, and even the hills afar are still overlaid with an expanse of overnight snow. I suppose only the Sun can bring a bright, clear sky and slowly melt away the snow. The laws that govern the universe should rest in the hands of nature. Peace of mind.

Roar! @ Wallace Chung W Liang Family

Note: Wallace captioned these two images with “Roar!” I think that imposing posture suggests a few things: He posted the pictures before the press conferences of the aforementioned new films and his participation in the Top Chinese Music Awards and the Beijing International Film Festival, so he was indicating that he was ready for the public appearances. Also, the white particles resemble snow, which connects this new weibo with his previous weibo of shoveling snow. Last but not least, he might be promoting, though very very subtly, his upcoming movie “Bounty Hunters” as well as his new song “Hunters” which was included in the 2016 album Sing For Life, because the song started with this verse:
When the King of the Animals seizes the chance to zero in on the game,
[it] teases you for fun but then swiftly rushes out to attack.
Seen through the glass wall, it looks just like a kitty.
Albeit less dangerous, the lion still looks nobel and gorgeous.

So, I think Wallace was acting as a lion here in this weibo.


Note: Q means cute here.

It had been a while since I joined a [production] team to make TV series as I filled the time slots with the Sing For Life album and the concert tour. Recently I have been an early riser. As soon as I get on the van, I am greeted by exuberant flowers before starting a day’s work. My sense of happiness soars thanks to the plants [literally “flowers and grass”, which Wallace Chung translated as “Cornucopia” to be his company’s name]. [I would] randomly turn on some music I like and enjoy those five minutes before a busy work day. This driver big brother [adding “big brother” to one’s name is a way to show respect] is a dab. He is nimble-fingered, scrupulous, reads often…,he can go along the roads and trails to search for plants and flowers in the wilderness, both the special ones and the ordinary ones. He arranges the flowers and grass intuitively. [The whole process] looks just like art! Touched [by the artwork], we will make small talk about the plants [he got] for the day. Before we know it, it’s time to start working. I slide the van door open only to see that the muddy path has been covered with thick hay so that I don’t have to step into the mud. Actually, every job position requires not only specialized skills but also attention to detail. With a little more focus, [we will] be able to touch others’ hearts; with a little more open-mindedness, energy will quietly come together. A “dab” does things with a clear conscience. Peace of mind is [his or her] home. @Wallace Chung W Liang Family

Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Those are my takeaway from the film “Three.” When I was on the set, I often saw Director To acting like a vagabond doing his favorite thing, bold and unbridled. His world goes beyond considerations of good and evil and lends itself more to the portrayal of reality. Since part of the reality is humanity, any thought that is supposed to cross a character’s mind he wouldn’t shun. Hence, “classic” means to Director To making the films that he wants to make and letting time form the tribunal. “Three” will definitely become Director To’s new classic. “Where there are three men walking together, one of them is bound to be able to teach me something.” We will prove that.

Please pay attention to my movie “Tik Tok” #Wallace Chung Tik Tok# It will open on July 15!

To sing one more song or say a few more words? #Wallace Chung Sing For Life Concert Tour#

Feeling Pumped (web link)

Sing for Life (web link)

A story set in darkness, regarding the sunshine. #Movie “Mountain Cry” @Movie “Mountain Cry” @Director Yang Zi @Hai Run Movies

#Wallace Chung# Beijing Live, iQiyi Exclusive Live Show VIP members who are belong to the Liang Family #Wallace Chung Sing For Life Concert Tour# Sing you in a bit! (web link) @Wallace Chung W Liang Family @iQiyi LIVE SHOW

Among light, shadows, and I is a presentation of the skills passed down from generation to generation in this simple town. They dry the nets for fishing; they set out on a a voyage and then come home. No exhaustion is seen in the good-natured smile. Tying the knots skillfully, the fisherman and the ocean live in symbiosis. When the wind rises, they sail towards the sea. When it rains, they fight with all their might. They venture to explore the known and the unknown, hence validating all the sweat shed in the glaring sun. What is kept in the heart is perhaps the gratitude for God’s company throughout the years. Blooming flowers along the way, thanks to all of you!

Here I come @Wallace Chung W Liang Family (web link)

Came to Beijing. Sunny and breezy. A lonesome flower. @The Official Weibo of General and I

Internet Slang

挽尊 [wǎn zūn]

挽尊 [wǎn zūn] v. To save the dignity [for the original poster]. This Internet slang term is used when you leave the first comment on a post that hasn’t been replied for a long time. The purpose of leaving the comment is to cheer up the neglected original poster.

Internet Slang

天仙攻 [tiān xiān gōng]

天仙攻 [tiān xiān gōng] n. Fairy+attack. This Internet slang term is the fans’ nickname for actress Liu Yifei or Crystal Liu in 2015. Liu Yifei is famous for her role in The Return of the Condor Heroes as the beautiful and elegant Xiaolongnü. She also dubbed “Sister Fairy.” The new nickname was originally used to express the fans’ admiration for her dashing and slightly masculine look when dressed in suits.

Internet Slang

世界那麼大,我想去看看 [shì jiè nà me dà, wǒ xiǎng qù kàn kàn]

世界那麼大,我想去看看 [shì jiè nà me dà, wǒ xiǎng qù kàn kàn] <Expression> The world is so big; I want to go take a look at it. This expression became famous because it was the resignation letter of Gu Shaoqiang, a teacher from Sichuan, in 2015. Her resignation letter caused a buzz on social media because many people resonated with her yearning for traveling.