Chinese Traffic Officers Dance to “Seve”

Click on the image or the source to watch the video.
Click on the image or the source to watch the video.

【Cool! Here Comes Traffic Officers’ “Seve” Shuffle Dance [酷]】The Chinese New Year is approaching. @陕西铜川高速公路交警 Uncles [slang 4 older guys] got into dancing mode reminding you about traffic safety and impressing you at the same time. Netizens: They can’t be hotter!

【酷!警察蜀黍版Seve鬼步舞来啦[酷]】快过年了,@陕西铜川高速公路交警 蜀黍们开启“热舞”模式。提醒大家注意交通安全,又不忘耍耍酷!网友:这样的蜀黍最帅![哈哈]LSeve鬼步舞警察蜀黍版来袭 网友:帅炸了

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Wallace Chung’s Father



Seeing Shuishui [a Wallace fan] had bought so many [Wallace] albums, I recalled a little story from the past. My little sister was working at KPS [Video Express, a Hong Kong-based multimedia store which sold and rented videos, CDs and movies], there was an uncle [a polite way of addressing an older male to show respect] who often went to her store to buy Wallace’s albums. One time, my sister asked him out of curiosity why he bought so many albums every time Wallace dropped a new album. She asked if that uncle was Wallace’s fan. The uncle said no. Then my sister questioned, “If you are not a fan, why do you buy so many of his albums?” The uncle answered my sister, “Because Wallace Chung is my son. I want to support him with my action, haha!”

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[Note: This annecdote is incredibly touching. Wallace’s father originally objected to Wallace’s career goal of being a dancer, but the power of love as well as Wallace’s hard work transcend all the disagreements…]

Wallace Chung’s parents attended his fan meet in Hangzhou on June 8, 2014.  
Internet Slang

凹造型 [āo zào xíng]=拗造型 [ǎo zào xíng]

凹造型 [āo zào xíng]=拗造型 [ǎo zào xíng] n. Concave+pose=twist+pose. This Internet slang term refers to striking a 1) trendy and cool, 2) aesthetic but pretentious or unnatural, or 3) funny pose (for photo shooting). This term is often used for humorous effects such as self-mockery.

Internet Slang

擔當 [dān dāng]

擔當 [dān dāng] n. [Role] assumption. This Internet slang term is used after a noun to describe a task or challenge that one takes on. For example, in “Bounty Hunters”, Wallace Chung assumed the role of a jester (喜劇擔當 [xǐ jù dān dāng]), strategist (謀略擔當 [móu luè dān dāng]), and food junkie (吃貨擔當 [chī huò dān dāng]).


Wallace Chung: My Path of Music

In 1995, I released my first album. At that time, I was taking photos in Kending. Since the sun kept stalking me—it just followed us wherever we went, the company simply called me the Little Sun. (Fans: Little Sun!)

I am not talking about where the Little Sun [nickname] came from, but do you want to listen to what I’m gonna say? (Fans: Yes!) I know! Today what I would like to share with you is my stories on the path of music. (LMS: Mandarin!) [The fans shouted “Mandarin” because Wallace tried to say the word “stories” with a Beijing accent.]

I was raised in Hong Kong, but my first album was not a Cantonese album, but a Mandarin album. (Fans: A Hong Kong Mandarin album!)

Not a Hong Kong Mandarin [Mandarin with the Cantonese accent] album. It was a standard Mandarin album, called OREA. I did many things, came across some things, and relished many things. I was curious about everything, I observed and learned things on the fly. No matter what kinds of difficultes or problems I encountered, I regarded them as challenges. Many many years later, I cooked my own Cornucopia Music, Inc. [Wallace pronounced “set up” as “cooked” due to his adorable Cantonese accent. I want to point out that the literal translation of the company name is “flowers and grass.”] (The original poster’s comment: It turned out that Cornucopia came into being through cooking.)

You guys know that story already? [Fans: Yes!]

I still want to mention it even if you know it. Later I made the song “Fine Day” and the album All Eyes On Me [Literal translation: Visual Animal], and some theme songs and other soundtracks for TV series and movies. And other stuff. At the end of last year, I released the new album Sing For Life. I became the producer [for that album]. (Fans: Producer Chung!)

I felt that making music is not a simple task, just like how complex it is to be an actor and a director. Yet, all those experiences made me discover two characters: Zhuan Zhu [Focus]. Before I knew it, I had heard those two characters for 20 years. Although it has been such a long time, I am still like a little child, and you all should be like a little child as well, always holding on to a curious heart, remaining fearless even when you fall down. Just brush the dust off and bravely get back on your feet.

95年的時候我發行了第一張專輯,當時我在墾丁拍照,因為太陽就一直看著我一直跟著我 ,我們走到哪就跟到哪 ,所以公司就叫我小太陽。(LMS:小太陽~) 我不是要說小太陽的由來,但是你們想聽嗎?(LMS:想聽) 我知道啦 !今天想要說的是要跟大家分享一下我在音樂這條路上的事。(LMS:普通話)我在香港長大,但是我第一張專輯,並不是廣東話專輯,而是一張普通話專輯。(LMS:港普專輯) 不是港普專輯 是普通話專輯 ,標準普通話專輯 ,叫《OREA》。做了很多事情, 碰到一些事情,覺得很有趣,每一件事情都好好奇,一邊看一邊學。不管我碰到什麼困難碰到什麼問題,我都把它變成是一個挑戰。後來很多年之後 ,我就煮了自己的花花草草音樂工作室 (原來花花草草是煮來的),這個知道 ?(LMS:知道)知道還是要說一下 。後來製作了《風和日麗》《視覺動物》,還有一些不管是電視還是電影的主題曲 ,插曲 ,等等 ,到去年年底發行《樂作人生》的新專輯。我自己當上了監制(LMS:鍾監制),我就覺得做音樂真的不是一件簡單的事,就好像當演員當導演也是一件非常不簡單的事。但是這一切的一切讓我發現了兩個字:專注。這兩個字讓我不知不覺聆聽了二十年。雖然這麼久了,我依然像個小孩子一樣,你們也應該像個小孩子一樣,永遠保持一顆好奇心,跌倒了不怕,拍拍灰塵勇敢的站起來就是。

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