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停更 [tíng gēng]

停更 [tíng gēng] v. Stop+update. [Of a program, manga series, podcast, etc.] to stop updating.


旋轉跳躍閉著眼 [xuán zhuǎn tiào yuè bì zhe yǎn]

旋轉跳躍閉著眼 [xuán zhuǎn tiào yuè bì zhe yǎn] <Expression> Spin, jump, with eyes closed. This expression comes from Jolin Tsai’s song “Dancing Diva.” Now it is often used humorously, e.g. 打你打到旋轉跳躍閉著眼 “I will hit you to the point where you spin and jump with your eyes closed.”

Jackie’s 8/31 Weibo

​​Jackie updated her Weibo on August 31, 2017. 🙂


Felt pumped tonight, sharing the joy with Xiaowa this time. @钟汉良 [耶]

Time flies like an arrow and flows like a “song” [two Chinese idioms about time].

In a wink, it has been Sing For Life 2017.

Music makes me feel all kinds of nice things about life.

Even if I can’t perform beautiful music,

The happy and pensive moments brought to me by music remain wonderful. Through the platform of music,

Friends from various cultures and I found the common language.

Over the past six months, Xiao Wa was incredibly busy, engrossed by the piano, the violin, and conducting.

Recently he shared with me the achievements of his hard work. We exchanged all kinds of newly gained knowledge and insights.

We strolled through the truth, kindness, and beauty conveyed by music and ventured to perform on the streets of Vienna. It was adventurous and fun.

I feel that after the past six months, I have one less brother, yet one more “soul mate” friend.

[Note: “知音” is probably a pun here. It means both “soul mates” and “friends through music” here. The word is a combination of “know” and “music”, so I think Jackie meant they became “soul mate” mates because their shared interest in music. This is also the original meaning of “知音” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bo_Ya

Back in 2014, Jackie said in the last episode of The Amazing Racing that the program made her feel that she had not only got her brother back but also got one more friend. (See the translation of her original words in the last part of this article.) Now, she has elevated Wallace’s status from a “friend” to a “soul mate”. 😉 ]

826, Sing For Life, Nanjing.

The Liang Family gathered together and witnessed Xiao Wa’s hard work.

[I] believe Healing Love will bring more pleasant surprises.

Looking forward [to your arrival], Fang Haosheng!

Source: Jackie’s Weibo

Here is Jackie’s speech after Wallace and she won The Amazing Race (China) 2014.

Credit: 念恋盼伴Credit: 念恋盼伴

Check out the source of this picture here. ​

I really want to thank my brother Xiao Wa profusely here.

Although we grew up together, but honestly, we rarely saw each other over the past 20 years. The words we said to each other during the past 20 weeks were more than the words we said to each other in the past 20 years. So, I am thankful that he picked me to come here with him.

Actually at first, I thought he was a little annoying, and I didn’t trust him too much either. He also pushed me to do every task. During the past few months, stop by stop, we slowly got to know each other as two estranged siblings. He began to learn about me, and I began to discover things about him. It turns out he is really good at doing many things. At the beginning I felt he seemed to rely on me to do everything, but later I discovered he was even able to take care of me. I feel that over these few months, I seem to have got my brother back, and also I have got one more friend.

Really. Thank you.

I remember her sincere and moving speech.I remember her sincere and moving speech.


Wallace Chung’s 8/29 Weibo

Put my mind to one thing, learned musical skills, engaging myself in every detail, looking forward to exquisite outcomes. Then, when I watched the edited segments, I got ideas that are more concrete, which generated more creativity: How can we create a new language in an established paradigm? Not sure if [we] can make it, but [we] want to give it a try because [we are] young. So, regarding the concert that ended on the 26th, the wishes for the Qixi Festival, the more changes at the Exhibition, and tomorrow, [it is more appropriate to say that] I belong more to the future [future-oriented]. Move forward step by step. [Let’s] keep going. @花花草草传媒 @陈向熙Nora @古斌samuel @钟汉良W良家族


Wallace is very serious about his works and his life. So inspiring! It must be great to work with him. Keep it up!


E神 [E shén]

E神 [E shén] n. E+deity. A nickname for Eason Chan, a Hong Kong singer, because it sounds like “Eason.”

【Eason Chan’s English Interview. His pronunciation is appealing to the ear. [心]】When asked about his views on the music industry, Eason said people’s ability to create music is growing, and the ways people produce and listen to music and changed. He also thinks that one shouldn’t be too cynical. Learn to embrace diversity, listen to music of various genres. There is a reason why certain songs become popular. He personally likes rhythmic songs with a strong beat and songs conveying certain attitudes. At last when talking about singing skills, he said there are many ways of singing songs, but honing those skills require time. Do not demand instant success. Keep practicing.

Watch the Video

【陈奕迅的英文采访,发音很好听[心]】在被问到对于音乐产业的看法时,E神说音乐的创造力在不断的提高,只是人们的听歌方式和歌曲生产的方式发生了变化。 他还觉得人不应该太愤世嫉俗,要学会拥抱多样性,多听不同种类的音乐,歌曲流行都是有原因的,他个人喜欢节奏强烈的、有态度的音乐。而最后谈到唱功时,他说唱歌的方式有很多,而技巧需要时间去培养,不要急于求成,要持续地训练。Watch the Video