Internet Slang

自帶濾鏡 [zì dài lǜ jìng]

自帶濾鏡 [zì dài lǜ jìng]n. Pre-installed filters. This Internet slang term is often used to describe someone who looks beautiful as if he or she carries filters of his or her own.


Ageless Stars

Recap #Spring Festival# Here are Faye Wong born in 1969, Sun Tao born in 1968, and Terry Lin born in 1966. Take a look at them. Wishing everyone eternal youth!

回看#春晚# 这是69年的王菲,68年的孙涛,66年的林志炫,你们自己感受下。祝大家青春永驻[捂脸] ​​​​

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Internet Slang

天仙攻 [tiān xiān gōng]

天仙攻 [tiān xiān gōng] n. Fairy+attack. This Internet slang term is the fans’ nickname for actress Liu Yifei or Crystal Liu in 2015. Liu Yifei is famous for her role in The Return of the Condor Heroes as the beautiful and elegant Xiaolongnü. She also dubbed “Sister Fairy.” The new nickname was originally used to express the fans’ admiration for her dashing and slightly masculine look when dressed in suits.