Internet Slang

照騙 [zhào piàn]

照騙 [zhào piàn] n. Photo+deception. [Inaccurate] photo. This Internet slang term refers to a photo that does not truthfully reflect a person’s appearance. It is usually over-photoshopped. This term and 照片 [zhào piàn/pian] are homophones.

Internet Slang

小仙女 [xiǎo xiān nǚ] & 小姐姐 [xiǎo jiě jie]

小仙女 [xiǎo xiān nǚ] n. Little+nymph. 小姐姐 [xiǎo jiě jiě] n. Little+older sister. Both Internet slang terms are used to address or describe girls and young women. These two newly-coined terms have probably rendered 美眉/MM [měi méi] “pretty girl” obsolete…[允悲] ​​​​

But personally I think “little nymph” is still a gendered term as by the Chinese people’s standards, nymphs are ageless and slender.


Louis Koo Hates Makeup

Louis Koo: At that time we were shooting [Cold Blood Warm Heart] day after day, night after night. How come your skin wouldn’t get lighter? I rarely wore makeup when I was filming. Why did I rarely wear makeup? Because I loathe putting on makeup! When you go home for a one- or two-hour break, what are you going to do, removing the makeup, taking a shower, or getting some sleep? Pick one. You were so worn out…why do you want to remove the makeup? Get some zzz’s! There is only one way to get away with wearing makeup—get tanned!

Pics  Weibo

Alicia Keys quitted makeup in May last year, but under duress, most female artists still dare not go bare. I don’t really think wearing makeup is a way of showing respect. It is just a way of catering to the male-dominated aesthetic culture: Young, fair-skinned, ageless…The funny thing is that Wallace Chung is touted for his flawless skin partly because he lives many Chinese women’s dream. Do we fans sexually objectify Wallace as many men sexually objectify women? [允悲] There seems to be a fine line between admiring beauty and obsessing over appearance…

The obsession over appearance has a huge impact on me. I too swoon over people who max out the cute-o-meter. Sometimes I caught myself rating people’s appearance in my mind…[嘘] Hopefully one day I will be less scared of getting old or ugly and less judgmental of a plain Jane. [小黄人剪刀手]


Creative Bookstore Staff

An indie bookstore in France. The “bored” staff combined themselves with the book covers seamlessly, breathing life into the books. |Credit: Photographer.


法国一家独立书店,“无聊的”店员将自己的造型与书本天衣无缝地衔接,让书本们“活”了起来 ​​​​ | 摄影师 ​​​​
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Le Palais idéal

It is said that a French postman collected various pebbles during his daily mail route for 33 years. In the end he managed to build a palace. I want to see it! |via Scenery Digest  Note: It’s called Le Palais idéal by Ferdinand Cheval (1836–1924). [good]


据说在法国有一位邮递员,每天在上班的路上收集各种石头,日复一日,坚持了33年,最后居然建造出了一个宫殿,好想去看一看! ​|via风景精选 ​​​​
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