Internet Slang

土酷 [tǔ kù]

土酷 [tǔ kù] adj. Provincial+cool. This Internet slang term sounds like “too cool.” It refers to the style that accentuates the humor of mundane and unrefined clothes and objects.

Internet Slang

天仙攻 [tiān xiān gōng]

天仙攻 [tiān xiān gōng] n. Fairy+attack. This Internet slang term is the fans’ nickname for actress Liu Yifei or Crystal Liu in 2015. Liu Yifei is famous for her role in The Return of the Condor Heroes as the beautiful and elegant Xiaolongnü. She also dubbed “Sister Fairy.” The new nickname was originally used to express the fans’ admiration for her dashing and slightly masculine look when dressed in suits.

Internet Slang

好看的皮囊千篇一律,有趣的靈魂萬裏挑一 [hǎo kàn de pí náng qiān piān yí lǜ, yǒu qù de líng hún wàn lǐ tiāo yī]

好看的皮囊千篇一律,有趣的靈魂萬裏挑一 [hǎo kàn de pí náng qiān piān yí lǜ, yǒu qù de líng hún wàn lǐ tiāo yī] <Expression> Good-looking letter bags all look alike, but interesting souls are one in ten thousand. Good-looking people are similar, but interesting souls are hard to find. This expression is commonly used among fans to describe their idols.
Internet Slang

高級臉 [gāo jí liǎn]

Liu Wen

高級臉 [gāo jí liǎn] n. High-end face. This Internet slang term refers to the latest beauty trend among Chinese women. A Chinese woman who has a high-end face usually looks a little masculine. She often has the single eyelids, relatively small, long, and wide-set eyes, slightly higher cheekbones, thicker lips, and a chiseled jawline. The above facial features convey an air of aloofness and even frigidity. This trend differs from the traditional standard for female beauty which accentuates femininity and childlike innocence. The Chinese models popular in the West such as Lv Yan, Du Juan, and Liu Wen may have contributed to popularity of this Internet slang term.

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