Internet Slang

炒CP [chǎo CP]

炒CP [chǎo CP] v. Hype+CP [Couple]. [Of the media] to hype two entertainers of either opposite sexes or the same sex as a couple, often for business purposes. Many TV dramas, films, and reality TV shows like pairing up entertainers to attract public attention.

Internet Slang

咆哮教主 [páo xiào jiào zhǔ] and 咆哮体 [páo xiào tǐ]

咆哮教主 [páo xiào jiào zhǔ] n. Roaring hierarch. This Internet slang term is a nickname for Taiwanese actor Steve Ma because of his hysterical acting style at the early stages of his career.

咆哮体 [páo xiào tǐ] n. Roaring style. This Internet slang term refers to an Internet writing style which is replete with exclamation marks and expressions like 有木有 [yǒu mù yǒu] “Correct?” to strongly express one’s thought.