Internet Slang

周冬雨式凝視 [zhōu dōng yǔ de níng shì]

周冬雨式凝視 [zhōu dōng yǔ de níng shì] <Expression> Zhou Dongyu’s gaze. This expression teases actress Zhou Dongyu’s relatively large distance between the eyes.


Internet Slang

實錘 [qiú chuí] and 求錘得錘 [qiú chuí dé chuí]

實錘 [qiú chuí] n. Solid+hammer. Irrefutable evidence. This Internet slang term is often used negatively to describe the confirmed scandal.

求錘得錘 [qiú chuí dé chuí] . Beg+hammer+get+hammer. This expression means “if you ask for a hammer [evidence], you will get a hammer [evidence].” It is often used before revealing the irrefutable evidence for a rumor.

Internet Slang

卵巢彩票 [luǎn cháo cǎi piào]

卵巢彩票 [luǎn cháo cǎi piào] <Expression> The ovarian lottery. This expression is quoted from Warren Buffet who attributed his success to winning the “ovarian lottery.” In China, this Internet slang term is used to lament one’s misfortune of not being born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth.
Internet Slang

塘主 [táng zhǔ]

塘主 [táng zhǔ] n. [Fish] pond owner. This Internet slang term is a pejorative nickname for Zhang Han, because his famous line in the TV show Boss & Me:  “I want to let everyone know: This fish pond, is now under your management by contract.” People jeer his role for making a ludicrous confession of love by mentioning a fish pond. The nickname implies discrimination against country people and contempt for Zhang Han.