Internet Slang

天菜 [tiān cài]

天菜 [tiān cài] n. Heavenly dish. When you say someone is your “heavenly dish,” you mean that person is exactly your type—a person of your dreams.

Internet Slang

我下麵給你吃 [wǒ xià miàn gěi nǐ chī]

我下麵給你吃 [wǒ xià miàn gěi nǐ chī] <Expression> I will cook some noodles for you to eat. The expression was originally a classic line in Hong Kong TV shows, but in Simplified Chinese, 下面 [xià miàn] “below, down there” and 下麵 [xià miàn] “cook noodles” are both written as the former word, so mainland Internet users have developed a new interpretation of the line: I will let you eat me down there.

Internet Slang

綠光 [lǜ guāng] and 頭頂一片草原 [tóu dǐng yí piàn cǎo yuán]

綠光 [lǜ guāng] n. Green light. This Internet slang terms comes from Stephanie Sun’s song “Green Light” but is now used to mock people whom were cheated on by their partners.

頭頂一片草原 [tóu dǐng yí piàn cǎo yuán] <Expression> Carry a tract of grassland on one’s head. This expression is used to describe people whose partners cheat on them multiple times..