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回憶殺 [huí yì shā] and 摸頭殺 [mō tóu shā]

回憶殺 [huí yì shā] n. Memory+kill. In the Japanese comic book series Naruto, killing scenes tend to begin with flashbacks of incidents from the past. As an Internet slang term, it refers to the emotional reminiscing about the past.

摸頭殺 [mō tóu shā] n. Gently caress and stroke the head+kill. Originating from the Japanese manga trope of a guy caressing a gloomy girl’s head to comfort her, this Internet slang term is now regarded as a favorable flirting or titillating technique (effective only when used by one’s love interest or idol).

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Internet Slang

清流 [qīng liú] & 泥石流 [ní shí liú]

清流 [qīng liú] n. Limpid+stream. A clear stream. This Internet slang term is often used in the context of “XXX is a clear stream in the field of…” to describe a rising star who stands out among others in a field, usually for his or her refreshing candor or sense of humor.

泥石流 [ní shí liú] n. Mud-and-stone flow. Mudflow. This Internet slang also refers to someone who stands out in a field for his or her great sense of humor.

Internet Slang

約炮 [yuē pào]

約炮 [yuē pào] v. Appointment+cannon. To have casual sex such as one-night stands and other related activity. This Internet slang term is created from a male points of view because it is a combination of 約會 [yuē huì] “to have a date” and 打炮 [dǎ pào] “1) To open fire with artillery, 2) a slang term for having sex (with a prostitute), or 3) to jerk off.”