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伐木累 [fá mù leì]

伐木累 [fá mù leì] n. Wood+cutting+exhausting. Exhausting to cut wood. This Internet slang term means “family” because of the similar pronunciation.


Macron Explains Family Diversity

French president Macron explains to children why he and his wife chose not to have children and how families come in various forms. [思考]

Kid: Don’t you want to become a real father?

Macron:  This is my personal choice. Because my wife Brigitte has already had three children. One of them was already an adult when we met. One was a little younger. The third one was about your age when we first met. Then, we asked ourselves about this issue. I think the important thing is to raise them, care about them. I also have seven grandchildren!

Kid: Wow! Seven!

Macron: Nowadays there are many types of families. There are divorced families, blended families…Are any of your parents divorced? [Kids raised hands.] Do you have half siblings? [Kids raised hands.] So we talk about the diversity of families. Not everyone has the same kind of family and lives the same kind of life. Do you have parents who are of the same sex? [Kids responded differently.] Yes, now we have families where the parents are of the same sex. You can marry someone of the same sex as yours. There are many different kinds of families. as long as they are built upon the ideals about love and the ideals about life. We chose not to give birth to our own children. Objectively speaking, perhaps this choice is a little selfish–that’s what I think–so I don’t want to have my own children, and I like Brigitte’s children and grandchildren. I treat them as my own children and grandchildren.

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法国总统马克龙给小朋友们解释为什么他和妻子不生孩子,以及家庭形态其实可以有很多种[思考] ​​​​L秒拍视频

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Wallace Chung

Wallace Fires His Mom

Sorry, mom,
I want to fire you.

I say I will go home after I am finished with all this work.

only when I feel unwell
will I think of my mom: She is probably fine, right?

I am busy day after day.
Only when I stop working will I think:
For life
you must have toiled a lot too, right?

Dear mom,
love and cherish yourself.

Now you have the Ecovacs robots to help you.
All these years, you have travailed a lot
May the mothers all over the world have a happy Mother’s Day.

Ecovacs Robotics
They are robots, they are also your family.



Little Square Dancer Wallace

【3-year-old cutie pie excels in square dancing. He learned all the dances by heart through observance [笑cry]】The three-year-old baby Li Zerui is good at Chinese square dancing. His mom revealed he learned how to do the square dancing by watching only. When the little boy was one and a half years old, his mom took him to the park. Sitting in the stroller, he watched the square dancers dancing for half an hour. Finally, one day, the boy decided to join the dance, and he nailed practically all the dance moves. His mom was stunned. Now he is able to dance to over forty songs. (Click here to watch the video.)

【3岁萌宝擅长广场舞 全是看会的[笑cry]】3岁宝宝李泽睿广场舞跳得有模有样,妈妈竟称是看会的!宝宝1岁半时妈妈带他去公园,坐儿童车里看人家跳舞,一看就是半个小时。一天宝宝想跟着跳,舞步几乎一致,妈妈十分惊奇。现在宝宝会跳40多支曲子了。By梨视频 L微辣Video的秒拍视频

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Cool Moms

Hahaha such moms are so cool [哈哈][哈哈] ​​​​

I overheard two aunts [middle-aged women] talking while taking a walk in the park after dinner. Aunt A asked: You daughter must be 29 now, right? How come she hasn’t found a husband? And you don’t give her a push either. Aunt B answered: She does not want to get married. Aunt A was very surprised after hearing that: Not wanting to get married? What is she going to do after she gets old? Aunt B answered: When she is old, I will be dead already. Why do I have to care so much about that?

My aunt: Why is Little Huang still unmarried? Look at Tingting (her daughter). She went to find dates as soon as I asked her to. My mom: Right. Tingting has had this strength since she was a kid. She eats everything you give her. Not picky at all. #Oh the mouths of middle-aged women#

WeChat conversation:

A: [cp] When you look for boyfriends, never tell him you are crazy about any star. Just tell him you love travelling and you will go to several places every year. Tell him you love collecting stuff. Occasionally you will receive odd packets. Tell him you love making friends and have some girls whom you love chatting with on line. You love a certain color and get stoked as soon as you see it. You love sports and have to go to the stadium several times. When you successfully get the guy, then you can tell him: I am a crazy fan. So what…Of course, if you see someone you don’t like, you can tell him up front you are a crazy fan and you are a brain-damaged avid fan 24 hours a day. [微笑] [/cp]

B: Thank you mom.

哈哈哈这样的妈妈很酷了[哈哈][哈哈] ​​​​


Period Fiasco

The finals were just over. I, a junior high school student, was taking care of my 5-year-old brother (a little brat) at home during the break when my period came. Coincidentally, the restroom door was broken at the same time…While I was changing that thing, my brother came in…and then he exited screaming at the top of his lungs. The saddest part is he called 110…telling them “my sister is trying to kill herself in the restroom.” The local police came in less than five minutes and my parents also came home…the neighbors were startled too. So embarrassing.

Note: It’s important to teach little boys what menstruation is…