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口嫌體正直 [kǒu xián tǐ zhèng zhí] and 嘴上說不要,身體卻很誠實 [zuǐ shàng shuō bú yào, shēn tǐ què hěn zhèng zhí]

口嫌體正直 [kǒu xián tǐ zhèng zhí] <Expression> Mouth+avoid+body+honest. They say they don’t want it, but their body language says otherwise. Short for the Japanese expression “口が嫌だと言っても体は正直なものだ,” this expression pokes fun at people who deny their true feelings about something. It is often used in a romantic or sexual context, referring to someone who claimed to dislike a date or crush, but their bodily reactions suggest otherwise.

嘴上說不要,身體卻很誠實 [zuǐ shàng shuō bú yào, shēn tǐ què hěn zhèng zhí] <Expression> Another translation of 口嫌體正直 [kǒu xián tǐ zhèng zhí]: Orally [they] say they don’t want it, but [their] bodies are very honest.



Internet Slang

我下麵給你吃 [wǒ xià miàn gěi nǐ chī]

我下麵給你吃 [wǒ xià miàn gěi nǐ chī] <Expression> I will cook some noodles for you to eat. The expression was originally a classic line in Hong Kong TV shows, but in Simplified Chinese, 下面 [xià miàn] “below, down there” and 下麵 [xià miàn] “cook noodles” are both written as the former word, so mainland Internet users have developed a new interpretation of the line: I will let you eat me down there.

Internet Slang

高級臉 [gāo jí liǎn]

Liu Wen

高級臉 [gāo jí liǎn] n. High-end face. This Internet slang term refers to the latest beauty trend among Chinese women. A Chinese woman who has a high-end face usually looks a little masculine. She often has the single eyelids, relatively small, long, and wide-set eyes, slightly higher cheekbones, thicker lips, and a chiseled jawline. The above facial features convey an air of aloofness and even frigidity. This trend differs from the traditional standard for female beauty which accentuates femininity and childlike innocence. The Chinese models popular in the West such as Lv Yan, Du Juan, and Liu Wen may have contributed to popularity of this Internet slang term.

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