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熊本熊 [xióng běn xióng]

熊本熊 [xióng běn xióng] n. Kumamon, a mascot created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan in 2010 for a campaign to draw tourists to the region. A number of emojis have been circulated on China’s Internet based on the image of Kumamon.

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抖S [dǒu s] and 抖M [dǒu s]

抖S [dǒu s] adj./n. Shake+S. Seriously sadistic. A seriously sadistic person. Derived from the Japanese wordドS in the ACG subculture, this Internet slang term refers to the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.

抖M [dǒu m] adj./n. Shake+M. Seriously masochistic. A seriously masochistic person. Derived from the Japanese wordドM in the ACG subculture, this Internet slang term refers to the tendency to derive sexual gratification from one’s own pain or humiliation.

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Internet Slang

E神 [E shén]

E神 [E shén] n. E+deity. A nickname for Eason Chan, a Hong Kong singer, because it sounds like “Eason.”

【Eason Chan’s English Interview. His pronunciation is appealing to the ear. [心]】When asked about his views on the music industry, Eason said people’s ability to create music is growing, and the ways people produce and listen to music and changed. He also thinks that one shouldn’t be too cynical. Learn to embrace diversity, listen to music of various genres. There is a reason why certain songs become popular. He personally likes rhythmic songs with a strong beat and songs conveying certain attitudes. At last when talking about singing skills, he said there are many ways of singing songs, but honing those skills require time. Do not demand instant success. Keep practicing.

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【陈奕迅的英文采访,发音很好听[心]】在被问到对于音乐产业的看法时,E神说音乐的创造力在不断的提高,只是人们的听歌方式和歌曲生产的方式发生了变化。 他还觉得人不应该太愤世嫉俗,要学会拥抱多样性,多听不同种类的音乐,歌曲流行都是有原因的,他个人喜欢节奏强烈的、有态度的音乐。而最后谈到唱功时,他说唱歌的方式有很多,而技巧需要时间去培养,不要急于求成,要持续地训练。Watch the Video


Song Joong-ki’s Message to Lee Kwang-soo

Song Joong-ki:
Now I am a man with a family.
It would be great if you [Lee Kwang-soo] can control the frequency of calling me.
You’ve got to be cleverer and more discerning in life.
You didn’t do anything wrong,
but you haven’t done well enough.
You will understand…
Thank you very much,
but please train yourself to be cleverer and more discerning.


Internet Slang

打Call [dǎ call]

打Call [dǎ call] v. To root for [someone or something]. This Internet slang term originated from Wotagei or otagei, which refers to a type of dancing and cheering gestures performed by wota, fans of Japanese idol singers (and thus seen as Akiba-kei), involving jumping, clapping, arm-waving and chanting slogans.


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